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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

66 ..... relation

66 ..... relation in analogy ot attribution i, one ot dependence, but it i" determinate, that is, it is acoording to a fixed ratio between the two a .. bera of the proportion. l3 Being.y again be u •• d to illu.trate. We name substanoe being (per .e). acoident., too, are naaed being, but their. ia being in alio. !be accident depend. on the substance tor its being although the substance _y exist independently ot the accident; the relation in analogy ot attribution _y be non-autua1. Again, the"analogoua tera _y sigaity various proportion. to some one thing. thus, we predicate health ot a man. But ... -7 predicate health ot many other things in which, literally ,peaking, it is not present. !be predication i, based on an extrinsic but real (not figurative) oonnection between the thing. ot which it i. ana10gioally predicated and the .an, ot whol1 it is primarily predioated. 14 We oo .. only l3St• !bomas, De veri tate, q. 2, art. 11, (quoted by Garrigou-Lagrange, sm.. cit., Vol. II. P: 216): ~ere may be contormity between two teras which are proportionate to each other acoording to a tixed ratio, as between 2 and 1; 2 11 the double ot 1....... Hence according to r thi. 1 mode ot contond ty we tind aomething analogically predicated or two thing. whIih bear a relation to each other, like en, which ia predicated ot substance and accident, beca •• e ot the relatioiLWhich sub.tance bear. to acoident. And both the .rine and the animal are laid to be healthy beea •• e ot .... connection which urine haa with the heal til ot the ani_l.... ••• Because, theretore, according to thia aede ot &1I&logioal predioation, there au.t be some deterainate relation between thoae things whioh have lomething analogically in common, it 1! ilfossible !2! anything according .!! .:!:!!! .!2!!. .!! ~ predioated !! GoT and .!.. ~ creature. 14 ' • St. !homas, S .... !heolOfica, I a, q. 13, art. i, cor.1 1fow ... el are thul uled Is two ways J either according .s many thing. are proportionate to one, thus tor example healthy is predicated ot .. dieine and urine in relation and ia proportion to health ot body, ot whioh the latter is the sign and the toraer the cause, or according as one thing i. proportionate to another, thua healthy ia .aid ot .edicine and animal, ainoe medioine is the oaule ot health lDthe ani_l body. I

67 speak ot a healthy oomplenoll or ot a healthy appetite. We are odstantly being adviaed that pineapple juioe is health" the physician may tell ua that long walka are healthy; the teaoher ot hygiene .. y tell his pupils that ... soap aDd water are healthfJ the psyChologist will insiat that "lubl1mation" . is healthy. Bere we have a yarietr ot terJRa, to eaoh ot whioh we ha.,.e attributed the word, healthy_ Thi. predioation tell. UI nothing ot the kind ot oomplexion the person ha., nor ot what a h~lthy appetite oonsists, we learn nothing ot What pineapple juice looks like or taste. like or is like trom .a;ying it 1. "healthy", nor does the tera, healthy, a. applied to a long walk or to soap and water or to subl_tion intol'lll us conoerning their nature. Plainly then, predioations that sipify the relation ot oause to etteot, or ot .. ans to an end, or an1 proportion extrinsio to the objeot ot which it is predioated give us no knowledge ot the es.ential oharaoter ot that objeot. Furtheraore, sinoe analogy ot attribution ia based on a determinate relation or proportion, it does not applf to predioations ot Di- vine being tor, between God and creatures, relations are alft1' indeterminate. It is theretore impos.ible tor anything to be predioated ot God and , .... the oreature by means ot analogy ot attribution. 1he _taph,sic ot analogical predioation takes oognizanoe ot analogy ot attribution, ot aetaphorloal I proportionaU ty and ot proper proportional! ty. It is the analoR ~ proper proportionality, and that analogy only, that enables man to predioat~being

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