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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

64 that tapli ••

64 that tapli •• potentiality, St. tho .. s Aquinas build. up hi. ~ po.t.riori proot ot the existence ot a Being Who can produce motion ill other 'being. but Who !!. !!! mo..,.d either by Bi. own act cr by the act ot any ether being, becau.e B. is the tctal1 ty ot being or perfeotion. 1here e:d.t beings that become, theretore there exists a Being 1IH~ fs, namely, God. . Balring prOlren ~ ~.!!o, St. '!ho_s sbon that God can be named from Bia creature., al their Principle, by .... y ot. exoell.nce anet by way ot re­ JaOti~.26 !hue we ••• that, in '!homstic philoa.phy, an, a creature capable ot r.ason,

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