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CNC Administrative Assistant Certificate

Publisher Assignment from term two - 8 page brochure


ABT Administrative Assistant Certificate Program Learn skills that set you on the road to success including Microsoft Office, manual and Sage bookkeeping, desktop publishing, and clerical skills. Develop fundamental skills, personal management skills and teamwork skills through lectures and labs. Combine your skills with work experience and more education and your opportunities for advancement are limitless. 2

There is great demand for trained administrative assistants. After graduating from this program, you’ll have the confidence to compete in today’s highly-skilled workforce in one of these rewarding careers: Office clerk Receptionist Administrative assistant Office manager Executive assistant Small business owner “I love that we had a small class of only 16 people so that each one of us had one -on-one time with the instructors when we needed help with our work.” – Rachel Phillips (former student) 3

Business Administrative Systems – Desktop Publishing C.A.
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