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CNC Administrative Assistant Certificate

Publisher Assignment from term two - 8 page brochure

Testimonies “I have

Testimonies “I have enjoyed taking this program. It has given me a skill set I am confident in utilizing for any future endeavors. The amazing staff and students were so encouraging and have made this program even better than I expected.”– Kialha Peters "I would highly recommend the ABTA Certification program to anyone. This is the certificate that employers require you to have! I learnt more than I was expecting to!" - Amanda Le Brun (former student and faculty “This program has challenged me every step of the way and I’ve over come obstacles I never dreamed possible. The instructors are great!”- Rhonda Stewart 4

Program Topics Business communications Manual & computerized secretarial bookkeeping Electronic calculations Human relations Business mathematics Office procedures & simulations Keyboarding skill development Work experience Word processing/document production Personal and professional development Microcomputer applications Desktop publishing 5

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Business Administrative Systems – Desktop Publishing C.A.
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