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CARE AND WARRANTY Care of Hardwood Furniture With proper care your furniture will provide years of enjoyment and will become family heirlooms. Maintain a humiditycontrolled environment. Your home should be kept in the 35 to 45% humidity range to prevent warping, cracking, and excessive expansion or contraction of raised panels, etc. Avoid placing your furniture in continued direct sunlight or near direct heat source such as furnace ducts or radiators. Clean with water using a soft sponge or cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid polish that contains silicones. 152

Warranty Schwartz Creations warrants its materials, construction and workmanship for a period of two years following the date of purchase by the original customer. If a defect occurs during that period, we will either repair or replace the item or substitute a like item. The final decision is at the discretion of Schwartz Creations. If humidity moves out of the ideal range, solid wood furniture can expand or contract causing splits in grain panels These symptoms are the result of an uncontrolled environment and are not considered defective. If the environment is not controlled, these conditions should be appreciated as an inherent characteristic of solid wood furniture. Due to the wood’s “open grain” they tend to expand and/or contract in relationship to their environment. Seasonal gapping or minor cracks in the grain patterns of solid wood are considered a normal occurrence and should not be assumed to be a defect of material or workmanship. If under normal conditions the furniture develops a defect, such as a deep crack, the dealer will visit the customer’s home to assess the humidity level. The dealer is responsible for taking a portable hygrometer along to record the humidity level and send the readings to Schwartz Creations. If the humidity is not in the range of 35 to 45%, the warranty is void and repair charges can be assessed. The decision to repair or replace the item is at the discretion of Schwartz Creations. Limitations Warranty does not include freight costs to and from factory or inspection fees. These costs are the responsibility of the customer. Negligence, misuse or accidents by the customer will void the warranty. CARE & WARRANTY 153

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