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Scotch College Philanthropy Impact Report 2017


2017 Honour Roll (continued) Building Fund Donations 18 Mr B Phipps Mr P & Mrs M Pike Mr A Pink Mr C Pointon Mrs J Pointon Mr A Burt & Ms J Pope Mr R & Mrs K Porter Ms J Powell Mr D Prentice Mr N Prentice Mrs D Prosser Mr P Pruttimuttakul Miss A Pulford Mrs M Quin Ms C Quinn Mr J Radbone Mr T Rainbird Ms K Ramsay & Mr S Bruschi Mr M Ranger & Ms R Sporn OAM Mr S Read Mrs R Reichstein Mr R & Mrs M Reid Mr J Arsenikakis & Ms R Reid Mr S Rickards Miss S Richards Mr L Ridgway Mr B Roberts Dr D & Mrs C Roberts Mr N Roberts Mr T & Mrs S Roberts Mr J Robinson Dr S Robinson Mr M Rodenburg Mr A Rosser Miss E Ross-Smith Mr P Routley Ms K Rowbottom Mr C Rowe Mr G Rugless Mr C Ryan Miss E Ryan Mr J Ryan Mrs R Ryan Mr B Sawley Mrs R Sawley Mr J & Mrs M Scales Miss A Scott Mr J & Mrs S Scott Miss M Seeley Mr J & Mrs G Seppelt Miss H Shand Mr Y Shao Mr M & Mrs R Shearer Dr B Simpson Mr I Simpson Mr D Sinclair Mr S Sluggett Mr R & Mrs Y Smart Mr C & Mrs T Smith Mr C Smith Mrs B Smoker Mr I Southwood Mr Q Spencer Mr R and Mrs T Spencer Mr M Spurling Miss P Spurrier Mr R and Dr C Stevens Miss H Stewardson Miss R Stobart Mr M Stone Mrs J Stratfold Mr C Tan Miss A Thompson Mr C & Mrs A Thompson Mr S Thomson Mr J Tilbrook Mr J Tomljenovic Mr P Traino Mrs J Treloar Mr J Treloar Mr A Tremain Mrs D Trumble Mt P Trumble Mrs J Tuck Mr K Tuck Mr P & Mrs H Tulla RF & S Tuohy Mr P & Mrs K Turale Mr S Turich Mr J Turner Mr R & Mrs B Turner Ms E Twelftree Mr D Uhrig Mrs L Uhrig Mr N & Mrs L Vadasz Ms L Vanderland Miss S Visvardis Miss E Vrodos Dr N Vrodos Mr S Wade Mr J Walker Mr P Wawrzycki & Ms K Walker Dr A Wallace Miss B Watson Dr J Webb-Williams Mrs J Wells Mr H White Miss L White Mr S White Mrs N Wightman Mr B Williams Miss E Williams Ms D Williams Miss L Williams Miss M Williams Ms C Willsmore Mr R Willson Miss G Wilson Mr K Wilson & Ms S Tirrell Ms M Wilson Miss M Wilson Ms R Winser Mr J & Mrs M Wood Mr L Wood Dr D Worthley Mr C Wundersitz Mr M Wynter Mr M Xie Mr X Zhang & Ms Y Xu Mrs B Yates Mr A Yelegin Miss J Yelegin Dr O & Mrs A Yelegin Miss Z Yelegin Ms S Young Mrs J Yuile & Mr I Little Mr T Zhang Miss H Zschech Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists. If you feel an error has been made, please immediately notify the Philanthropy Office on +61 8 8274 4335 or

Your Leadership Teams 2017 Council of Governors Chairperson: Raymond Spencer Principal: Dr John Newton Fairlie Delbridge (’84) Emma Ewer (’83) Andrew Freeman (’80) Peter Tulla (’83) Keith Maynard Philip Paterson Rosemary Winser Senior Leadership Team Principal: Dr John Newton Dale Bennett (Deputy Principal, Head of TPC) Abhra Bhattacharjee (Director of Philanthropy) Tania Darling (Director of Early Years) Morag Greenwood (Director of HR) Ieva Hampson (Head of Mitcham Campus) Teresa Hanel (Deputy Principal, Director of T&L) Shawn Kasbergen (Director of Student Wellbeing) Rob Lee (Director of Information and Innovation) Kelly Sharp (Head of Middle School, Assistant Head of TPC) Richard Stone (Chief Operating Officer) Advancement Committee Chairperson: Emma Ewer (’83) Abhra Bhattacharjee (Director of Philanthropy) Tania Darling (Director of Early Years) Natalie Felkl (Head of Community & Marketing) Ieva Hampson (Head of Mitcham Campus) Jacqui Harbison Mr Andrew Freeman (’80) Shawn Kasbergen (Director of Student Wellbeing) Monique Littlejohn Dr John Newton (Principal) Todd Roberts (’88) Samantha Young Philanthropy Team Director of Philanthropy: Abhra Bhattacharjee Ana Gozalo (Philanthropy Specialist) John Kramer (Philantropy and Major Gifts) Catherine Newton (Philanthropy Assistant) Dr John Newton (Principal) Ken Webb (Philantropy and Major Gifts) Foundation Board Chairperson: Sue Chase (’76) Executive Officer: Abhra Bhattacharjee Dr John Newton (Principal) Mr Phillip Camens (’76) Mr David Cosh Ms Emma Ewer (’83) Mrs Nicole Footer (’88) Mr Andrew Freeman (’80) Mr Peter Harvey (’91) Dr Chien-Li Holmes-Liew (’93) Mr Andrew Just (’62) Mr John Kramer Ms Alex Nunn Mr Raymond Spencer Mr Ken Webb Mr John Wood (’65) Community Relations Team Head of Community & Marketing: Natalie Felkl Alli Evans (Marketing & Events Co-ordinator) Tria Goode (Old Collegian Events Co-ordinator) Warren King (Marketing & Communications Coordinator) Jenny Stratfold (Events & Community Relations Co-ordinator) David Saies (’49) (Volunteer) 19