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Scotch College Philanthropy Impact Report 2017

Care & Compassion:

Care & Compassion: Philanthropy Through Scotch It is important that we begin to think about care and compassion as values and behaviours to live by and not just register them as words to check off as if we simply automatically possess them. Compassion is more than feeling pity for someone and it is not just about being empathetic. Compassion is about truly trying to care and help another person with their situation. Care is about providing what is necessary to make someone’s life better, seeing how you can assist in a practical and thoughtful way. It is important to care for those around you. Not only does it make you feel good but also because you can. At Scotch, we provide a lot of care and demonstrate compassion for our community both internally and beyond. We not only hold many fundraisers to help charities and causes but we also strive to make sense of the connection between us and what we are raising funds for. Every time we do an action at Scotch we are not just doing it for ourselves or to give some money but we are becoming part of the conversation. All conversations about things that matter start with awareness raising and it is our hope that we can take that idea one step further. Charity / Organisation Students Involved $ Raised Beyond Blue Middle & Senior School $325.00 Blaze Aid Inc Middle & Senior School $50.00 Cancer Council SA Senior School $2,050.00 Daffodil Day Junior School $570 DEBRA Junior School $6,715 Down Syndrome SA Middle & Senior School $70.00 Let’s forget our first world problems for a while and remember that being here is about wanting to make a difference not just be a nice person. Our belief is if we treat others with care and compassion then we will be able to build our community to new heights. Over the year, we were excited to work with various groups in the College to not only care for our own community but work to raise awareness, take actions and show that we have responsibility to our wider world to make it a better place. There are many opportunities to do this at Scotch and we are proud to lead the challenge…if not us… then who? Hutt Street Centre Foundation Senior School $1,231.50 Leukaemia Foundation Middle School $24,944.50 Philippines Fundraising Year 12 2017 $7,781.92 RUOK Limited Middle & Senior School $112.95 Salvation Army Red Shield Middle & Senior School $3,555.00 Sea Shepherd Australia Senior School $550.00 United Way SA Junior School $6,715 White Ribbon Foundation Year 11 $2,500.00 World Vision (sponsor child x7) World Vision 40Hr BackPack Challenge Junior, Middle & Senior School $4,032.00 Middle & Senior School $1,800.00 Yalari Senior School $5,000.00 8 by 2017 College Co-Captains, Eleni Vrodos and Oscar Martin TOTAL RAISED $68,002.87

Student Fundraising Efforts Across the College in 2017 From top left corner: (1) Mitcham Campus students buying flowers for Daffodil Day. (2) Mrs McCarthy taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation. (3) Mini ‘Walk a Mile in My Boots’ – Hutt St Centre fundraiser on campus. (4) Year 12 students on service trip to Laos. (5) RUOK Celebrations in the Middle School. (6) Small group of students who participated in the Red Shield Appeal. (7) Students who waited on tables for the fundraiser to send money to the Philippines. (8) Scotch students participating in the ‘Walk a Mile in My Boots’ city walk for the Hutt St Centre. (9) Students who helped pack books to send to the Philippines -Apayao Community Learning Centre – through South Pacific School Aid volunteers. 9