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8.3b Graphing Rational Functions WS 2018

8.3b Graphing Rational Functions WS

PreAP Algebra II Name:____________________________ 8.3b Graphing Rational Functions WS Hour__________ Graph each function. Determine the following: a) horizontal and vertical asymptotes and holes b) domain and range c) x and y intercepts d) end behavior 1. f x = − ! ! + 2 2. f x = + 3 !!! !!! Zeros (x-­‐intercepts) Zeros (x-­‐intercepts) y-­‐intercept y-­‐intercept Hole(s) Hole(s) Vertical Asymptote(s) Vertical Asymptote(s) Horizontal Asymptote Horizontal Asymptote D: D: Domain and Range R: Domain and Range R: End Behavior End Behavior

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