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D&M Performance is authorized supplier for many brands and lines of Performance products. We always consults with the customer about their project or engine we build. Every project is with the customers wishes in mind in respect to budget, performance requirements or any other aspect.  Our machinist and machine shop specialist have a track record of expertise for over 50 years.

Cylinder Heads Part #

Cylinder Heads Part # Description PM120A SBC polished alum. cylinder head, 64cc chamber - 198cc. 2.020 intake/1.600. exhaust-Angle plug PM120S SBC Straight Plug Alum Cylinder Head, 64cc Chamber, 198cc Runner, 2.020 Intake/1.600 Exhaust Valve with Fully Machined Surfaces. PM130 PM150 PM160 PM220 PM241 PM245 Motor SBF Alum.Cylinder Head, 60cc Chamber, 185cc Runner , 2.000 Intake/1.600 Exhaust. SBC GEN III LS1 Cylinder Head. 66cc Chamber, 200cc runner, 2.000 Intake/1.550 Exhaust Valve. SBC LS3 Cylinder Heads. BBC Cylinder Head. 114cc Chamber, 300cc Runner 5140 Chromoly Steel Guide Plates. BBC Racing Alum, Cylinder Head PM120A PM120A PM120S PM120S PM120S PM130 PM150 PM150 28 Tel: (626)964 2898

Motor PM220 PM245 PM220 PM245 PM901 PM902 PM904 Engine Flex Plate Part # Description PM906 PM908 PM909 PM901 305 Engine Flex Plate PM902 350 Engine Flex Plate PM904 400 Engine Flex Plate PM906 454 Engine Flex Plate PM908 302 Engine Flex Plate for 2802 PM909 302 Engine Flex Plate for 5002 Tel: (626)964 2898 29