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Microsoft PowerPoint - 100 Page Rancocas Creek Water Trail Guide (NXPowerLite)

Suggested Readings • L

Suggested Readings • L ittle Rivers of NJ, Professor James Cawley. • F G to the Pine Barrens, Howard Boyd (references et all - Gordan/Anderson/Arseneult/Cresson/Leck/Brunel/Schoop) • The Pine Barrens, John McPhee • Army Engineers R eport to Congress, 1898 (et al) • Mt. Holly Books (Rizzo, Winzinger); Red Mans Hall and Other Story’s of the Rancocas • Iron in the Pines, Arthur Pierce • Pemberton, A Historic Look at A Village on the Rancocas, Malsbury and Olsen • Crusing NJ Tidewaters, Fred VanDeventer • Smuggler Woods, Arthur Pierce • NJ Pinelands Commission: Rancocas Creek Watershed • The Art of Splitting Stone, Mary and George Gage • Conservation Easements, Trust for Public Lands • Little Old Mills, Marion Rawlson • The Archleogoy of New Jersey, Dorthy Cross • Ploughs and Politics, Charles Reed and His Notes on NJ Agriculture, Carl Woodward • The Historic Rancocas, George DeCou Rancocas State Park North Branch - High Tide • American Admiralty, Erastus Benedcit • Maritime Commerce of Colonial Philadelphia, Arthur Jensen • Local Rancocas Creek Community Historical and Environmental Society’s Materia on the Rancocas. • The Economic of Collective Action, MacMillan • And Many, Many, Many More R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings


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