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Microsoft PowerPoint - 100 Page Rancocas Creek Water Trail Guide (NXPowerLite)

Location Location, Tides

Location Location, Tides and Creek Ratings The Rancocas Creek Water Trail is a 80 mile (128 km) long tidal and non-tidal multi- use water trail connecting people to the Rancocas Creek’s natural environment, , its 400 years of maritime heritage and to the communities and creek towns it touches in the Mid- Atlantic’s Southern New Jersey. From the Pine Barrens National Reserve headwaters to paddling on bucolic, placid non-tidal flat- w ater to paddling on open tidal waters, a variety of paddling experiences awaits you. kayaking, bird- w atching, canoeing, fishing, relaxing, camping, hunting and just f loating down creek From to motorized vessels and jet skis on the Rancocas tidal reaches follow the Rancocas Creek Water Trail to learn what others already know: The Rancocas Creek is a gem, Hidden from Plain Sight. R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings

Delaware River Trenton, NJ Capital General Location of the Rancocas Creek Watershed Delaware River R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings

Crooked Creek Water Trail - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
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Your mile-by-mile guide to the Pine Creek Rail Trail
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