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Microsoft PowerPoint - 100 Page Rancocas Creek Water Trail Guide (NXPowerLite)

Organization of the

Organization of the 100 Page Paddling Guide of the Rancocas Creek This guide covers the Rancocas Creek, from the Delaware River Estuary and tides to the placid Pine Barrens headwaters. Landin gs and launches are used both to describe a formal location and an informal location that is commonly used for kayaks and canoes. While the Guide addresses kayak paddling, canoes and SUP’s also traverse the Rancocas Water Trail. and jet- skis. On tidal reaches expect multi- use motor vessels Landings are named based on discussions and records from along the Creek. These names are subject to change. The degree of paddling difficulty is subjective but generally the non-tidal sections of the Rancocas welcomes novice paddlers and the tide-w aters intermediate paddlers and above. T he 100 Page Guide to the Rancocas Creek is organized into 2 main parts. The first part covers location, tidal issues, safet y, ethics, suggested readings and more. The second part carves out individual maps of the 360 square mile Rancocas Creek Watershed. These can be viewed on line and one a cell phone. Issues at landings and paddling sections subject to change. The Rancocas is a vibrant, dynamic waterway. Housekeeping Issue for Paddlers: Support Local Commerce. Leave No Trace. Act as Stewards of the Rancocas Creek. I t is hoped that readers forward suggestions and comments to the editor of the 100 Page Paddling Guide of the Rancocas Creek. Thank-you John Anderson Mailing Address: 16 Broad Street-Mt. Holly-NJ-08060 Email: Kayak and Canoe Liveries Clarks Canoe-Pemberton Rancocas Pathways-Westampto n R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings

Rancocas Creek Water Trail Year Round Multi-Use Access N Branch M t. Holly – Oxbow S Branch SW Branch Monroe Street Park SW Branch-Medford-Kirby's Mill S Branch Rancocas State Park Headwaters N Branch Bass Alive Fishing Tournament Winter Bass-Mirror Lake Long Bridge County Park Hainesport M t. Holly – N Branch-Oxbow S Branch Community Meetings Mt. Holly Enviro Cmte Mt. Holly- N Branch M ill Dam – M t. Holly – N Branch N Branch Paddle Safe 4/9/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 5 N Branch N Branch Adopt a Creek

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