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hkaVOICES - Spring 2018

A bi-annual magazine for the Hong Kong Academy community.

Happenings looking back

Happenings looking back 16 AUGUST First Day of School 18 August Welcome Back Coffee Parents new and returning met for coffee and conversation and supported volunteering at HKA. 19-22 september Grade 5 Camp Grade 5 students engaged in a beach clean up and abseiling on Tung Lung Island. 20-22 september Grade 4 Camp 27 september Mid-Autumn Festival Mandarin teachers and Grade 5 students created a fun Mid-Autumn festival for the all the Primary School students to enjoy. 20-21 October Kendall Zoller Faculty enjoyed learning from and with Kendall Zoller as he shared his expertise on effective communication. 23-27 OCTOBER Learning Outside the Classroom for Grades 6-8 23-27 OCTOBER IDU week for Grades 9-10 The Grade 9 students planned for their trip to Vietnam and studied the impact of tourism on local communities. The week culminated in a debate focusing on the positive and negative impacts of tourism in Vietnam. The Grade 10 students learned about genocide in preparation for their trip to Cambodia. Once in Cambodia, students explored the impact the war had on Cambodia and its people. They also made friendship bracelets to take with them as these bracelets have great significance in Cambodian culture. 26-28 OCTOBER ACAMIS Volleyball at HKA Strong competition and great sportsmanship prevailed throughout the games at HKA, with the girls taking 2nd and the boys placing 3rd overall. 2-4 NOVEMBER SCISAC Football Grade 4 students participated in a variety of collaborative activities in and out of the water. All students developed relationships and honed communication and collaboration skills during LOTC. Grade 6 went to Lantau Island, while Grade 7 stayed at Wan Tsai in the Sai Kung Country Park. Grade 8 headed to Yangshuo, Guangxi Province, China. Student athletes travelled to Nanjing International School, to compete with both the girls and boys teams placing 2nd. 8-10 NOVEMBER ACAMIS Golf Tournament in Mission Hills Resort, Dongguan The whole team enjoyed the tournament, with Inara Sharma winning the girls division. 22

18 November Community Fair 3-9 DECEMBER Learning Outside the Classroom Grades 9-11 25-27 JANUARY ACAMIS Basketball in Beijing The boys team placed 2nd, and the girls brought back the 3rd place trophy. 26 JANUARY Music Evening The Community Fair is one of HKA’s longest standing traditions and most cherished events. It’s a time when the entire community comes together to celebrate our diversity, share some of our most delicious foods, and join together in a wide range of activities that express our identities as an international school. 24 November Hot Cocoa House Primary School students took to the stage with great energy and performed a variety of acts to an enthusiastic audience. 1 December Coffee House Grade 9 went to Hanoi, Vietnam. Grade 10 went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Grade 11 went to Laos Mekong Base. Grade 12 stayed in Hong Kong and engaged with local organisations in Hong Kong, including Caritas, Hong Kong efarm, and Crossroads. 3-9 DECEMBER IDU week for Grades 6-8 The Grade 6 students explored their identity through an inquiry into their personal fitness. The Grade 7 students learned how food production is influenced by a variety of societal, economical and environmental factors. The Grade 8 students explored how identities are fluid and complex, and how individuals can choose to create, present, hide or play with their own identities. 12 December John Altman & Friends Concert HKA welcomed legendary sax player and composer, John Altman, to the campus and enjoyed an evening of talent on the stage. 14 December Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser Performers took to the stage and highlighted the results of their dedication and passion. 1 FEBRUARY SCISAC Volleyball in Macau The girls team took top place at this annual tournament! 7 FEBRUARY Lunar New Year Celebration Fabulous performances were enjoyed by all. 22-23 FEBRUARY Secondary and Primary Sports Days Secondary School students provided a great evening of talent and entertainment. A great day on the green, all to benefit learner support programmes at HKA. 18 JANUARY Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition Grade 10 shared their Personal Projects with the HKA community. Sports Day was enjoyed by the whole HKA community. Strong competition and sportsmanship made for a great experience for all involved. 23

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