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hkaVOICES - Spring 2018

A bi-annual magazine for the Hong Kong Academy community.

hka Voices letter from

hka Voices letter from the editor Dear Hong Kong Academy Community, In a crowded city like Hong Kong, we spend so much time with other people that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be entirely alone. Movies like Tom Hanks’ Cast Away and Daniel Defoe’s classic novel Robinson Crusoe provide fictional accounts of life on deserted islands (although Crusoe does encounter some locals), but the experiences of the leading characters seem far from our everyday, non-fiction lives. And rightly so. We are all members of multiple communities, embedded in systems, and often working together to further goals we hold dear. A major theme running through this issue of hkaVoices is the importance of team. Collectively, the articles evoke the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.” Whether it’s students raising funds for refugee relief, teachers taking a multidisciplinary approach to their craft, parents helping out at school or the hkaEATS staff preparing food each day, life at HKA depends on teamwork. As a group committed to the school’s mission, vision and values, we all do our part to support our students on their pathways to individual excellence. Warmly, Laura Mitchell Director of Institutional Advancement The first arts trimester concluded with Grade 6 visual artists completing their Fantasy Fruits. Inspired by British ceramicist Kate Malone, Grade 6s observed real fruits and vegetables and then combined them in unusual, imaginative ways to create their fantasy designs. The sculptures are hollow, formed from clay, with textured additions adding detail, and then glazed to give them a bright, juicy appearance.

contents n Accreditation: A Literary Interpretation 2 n Inclusive on Every Level 4 n Supporting Student Well-Being and 5 Safe Learning Environments n Getting the Concept Right: The Importance of 6 Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics Education n Standing with Refugees 10 n Got a Minute? Opening with Impact 12 n ISTA at HKA 14 n Ready to Learn! 15 n A Day in the Life of a Chef 16 n Grateful & Playful 18 n Alumni Connections : London 19 n Alumni Perspectives | The Lau Family Back Home in Sydney 20 n Behind the Scenes Hero | Mr. Jojit 21 n Happenings 22 n Contributors inside back cover 33 Wai Man Road Sai Kung | New Territories | Hong Kong SAR tel +852 2655 1111 | fax +852 2655 1222 Editor Laura Mitchell hkaVoices is published twice a year by the Institutional Graphic Designer Amie Shaw Advancement office of Hong Kong Academy. It is distributed Photography Mirko Jeck free of charge to current, former and potential future members Photography Jennie Tsang of the HKA community. Please contact Laura Mitchell with your story ideas or comments at Paper: Mango Satin, a recycled paper with fiber of well managed forestry and Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Ink: Soy inks were used for printing. Printer: Pixel Printing, Hong Kong an FSC certified printer.

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