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How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Making the perfect espresso can be difficult, but worth the effort once you have the first sip, here are some easy tips about how to make the perfect espresso.

How To Make The Perfect

How To Make The Perfect Espresso Coffee is the beverage of the creative and active intelligence. It revives and awakes the senses. This is the reason why it is one of the most consumed products in the world. The traditions, rituals and preparation methods differ from one country to another. Fill the boiler (marked A in the diagram) with water almost up to the safety release valve and insert the funnel-shaped metal filter (B). Add finely-ground coffee to the filter as shown below. Tightly screw the upper part (C, which has a second metal filter at the bottom) onto the base. Place the pot on a suitable heat source, bring the water to its boiling point, and thereby create steam in the boiler. A gasket ensures a tightly closed unit and allows for pressure to safely build up in the lower section, where a safety valve provides a necessary release in case this pressure should get too high (with clean filters, that should not happen). For best results, fill up the entire filter with coffee and place over medium to medium-high heat. The steam eventually reaches a high enough pressure to gradually force the surrounding boiling water up the funnel through the coffee powder and into the upper chamber (C), where the coffee is collected. When the lower chamber

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