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Natural Wunderz Pitch Deck

It all began in 2016…

It all began in 2016… Natural Wünderz was born in SunnY SoutherN California out of a 30 year old leading specialty manufacturer of natural hair, skin, & body, products. In the beginning… we dreamt about creating the best products on earth. We thought, what would motivate people to LOVE the products we make? The following Four principles are what Natural Wunderz was founded on: First, Our products must be made of the best ingredients available. Our ingredients are sourced locally, & we are very selective about the extract blends we add to each of our products. Second, our products have to have labels that pop & leap off the shelf. We get that the competition is fierce, & we aim to get the most attention on the shelf. Third, Our products will be sold in Large sizes. We realize shoppers love a bargain, & more of a great thing always adds value. Finally, our products must be sold at very competitive rates. Because we formulate in our own lab, source all of our own raw ingredients, manufacture, produce & do all of the art in house, we are able to Pass the savings on to you. The back is the new front Read all about it… Keep it interesting! The back label is the new Frontier

Unique Selling Features *High quality everything *Big value size containers *Made with 100% natural extracts *Labels that get & keep attention *High MSRP low wholesale cost *Instant brand name recognition *Products that smell GREAT *Manufactured in California Amazing personal care products!

Pitch Deck March 2017
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