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(0) (0): ₹0.00 Search... Home / » SKIN TYPES SKIN TYPES Posted in: Body Care, Skin Care Posted by: Blog Admin March 29, 2018 0 DRY SKIN The most important feature of dry skin is that it remains dry, tight and aky throughout the day, irrespective of the season. This cause for this type of skin could be hereditary, environmental or hormonal. Drinking less water, excessive intake of alcohol, co ee could be some of the aggravating factors for people having dry skin. NORMAL/COMBINATION SKIN Normal or combination skin have oily forehead and nose but dry cheeks. They are not prone to acne and pimples and have well moisturized t-zone. OILY SKIN Skin more prone to acne and pimples are people with oily skin. Excessive oil secreted by the glands causes all the pores to be congested and clogged. They are also prone to develop dark spots on the face. However, the happy news is that they look younger; less chance of developing wrinkles, skin is moist with natural moisture. SENSITIVE SKIN This type of skin is the most di cult one to manage. It becomes tough to determine which ingredient in the product is causing irritation and in ammation. People with very sensitive skin should rst try a product on their inner part of the forearm and if there is no irritation or redness then apply to the area behind one of the ears. If there is still no reaction then they can safely use it on their face. How to treat your skin? Dry skin should be treated carefully. The dead skin should be removed carefully with a gentle exfoliator like Mitvana face scrub. The non-abrasive ingredients in this product helps remove dead skin without removing natural oils secreted by the skin. Once the dead cells are removed, serums and moisturizers can be absorbed quickly. Natural actives like Aloe vera, Chamomile are very e ective in restoring the skin moisture in dry skin people. They help smooth and hydrate your skin evenly and e ectively. Your Shopping Cart Subtotal: ₹0.00 (0 items)

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