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How can I edit my emails in Outlook


Now Outlook users have the complete opportunity to edit emails within few clicks. If you are new to this email service and you are not much aware of this process, no worries, we are here with a solution. Read this blog, Outlook support describes you the complete steps to make this process easy for you. If you need assistance in this regard then ask an expert. You’ll get instant guidance from experts for this process.

Directions to follow: • First, go to Outlook homepage, now login to your mail account by entering your credentials. • Once you are logged in your account, then get into the Outlook folder. • There you need to select any email and open it so that you can edit this mail. • Next, you have to go to message options and then navigate to “Actions” and next press on “Edit” message option. • This way you are able to open a message and from here you are able to edit your mail. • Once you open your mail, you are able to make the important changes that want to edit. • Once you are done with the changes then, you need to save the changes you have made when it asks you to save the changes; you need to press “Yes” in order to confirm it. • Now you have to open your mail again and you are able to see all the edited mails in your original mails itself.

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