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SALARY REVIEW THIS SOUNDS GOOD! Your salary may be reviewed annually. Should you not have completed a full year of employment at The IIE’s Varsity College, any increases s and or changes will be calculated pro-rated based on the length of your service at the time of review. For example, if you started at the beginning of June and the period under review is January through to December (the 12 month Financial Year period at The IIE’s Varsity College is January through to December), your review will be considered for pro-rata on six (6) months i.e. June through to December. KEEP UPDATED IT WILL KEEP YOU IN THE LOOP You are encouraged to keep all your personal information that is required by salary administration current. Let your HR Department have all updated information and it will be passed on to the correct department. SALARY/HR QUERIES – I WANT TO ... If you have mislaid your IRP5 form or if you want more info on the Provident Fund etc., the person to speak to is your HR Department. They will make all the pertinent calls to the necessary people on your behalf and then provide you with feedback.

RESPONSIBILITIES (JOB) GRADING CLIMBING THE LADDER? Your job description is made up of a number of responsibilities. In order to be able to carry out your responsibilities, you are required to have certain skills. The grading list that The IIE’s Varsity College uses is the Paterson Evaluation system. The grading system is divided into grades in the range of A to F. As a point of reference, below is the breakdown. 1. All staff, other than Principals and senior management staff, fall into the A-C category. 2. Principals and senior management staff fall into the D-F category. To find out what grade you are on, talk to your HR Department. QUALIFICATIONS YOUR PASSPORT TO THE GALAXY Your employment contract is dependent on the authenticity of the qualification/s that you have indicated on your application for employment and the documentation supplied. Fraudulent qualifications will render your employment contract null and void, even if evidence of this only becomes known once you have taken up employment. The academic and operational integrity and credibility rests with the people that work for The IIE’s Varsity College. We therefore reserve all rights in terms of the law regarding the submission of false qualifications and this includes the right to litigate.

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