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WORK -- OTHER THAN FOR THE COMPANY THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT? In terms of your employment contract, you are required to devote all your time to the responsibilities (duties) that you have been employed to perform. You may, however, with the express written permission of your campus Principal/National Manager and National HR, be allowed to take up additional employment/work outside of normal working hours provided it does not negatively impact your primary responsibilities at The IIE’s Varsity College. This work must not be in conflict with the services that The IIE’s Varsity College provides and you will need to ensure that you do not utilise any company resources to conduct this work. INTERNAL TRANSFERS KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY! This policy regulates transfers between ADvTECH businesses for any ADvTECH employee to ensure transparency as well as compliance with the relevant businesses requirements. CONFIDENTIALITY FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! You may neither directly nor indirectly use or disclose for your own benefit or for the benefit of any other person, any trade secrets or confidential information relating to the company or its clients (including student information) to which you may have become privy to during the course of and beyond your association with the company or its clients. You may divulge such information only to those persons connected with the company who, in the company’s opinion, are required to have that information. In keeping with the openness and transparency of the internal recruitment process (P41 notifications), the following guidelines must be adhered to: • Employees wishing to be considered for a promotion or transfer within the Group, must have occupied their current post for a minimum of six (6) months. • An employee who wishes to apply for a vacancy in another brand/division, must do so following the normal channel as per the P41. • In line with our focus on openness and transparency we recommend that employees let their line manager and Principal (for campus staff) know when “Trade secrets” or “confidential information of the company or its clients” shall include, but not be limited to: • The company’s technical detail • Programme content • Methodology • Know-how • Methods of operating and/or delivery • Financial information • Student information • Names of clients and potential clients or • Any aspect of the company’s database that you may become privy to during the period of your employment with Varsity College. they apply for any internal vacancies within the ADvTECH Group.• Employees are encouraged to ask the relevant contact person (as listed on the P41) for a job spec prior to submitting their CV to ensure that they meet the minimum mum requirements of the job. • It must be noted that as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and as per point no 4.8 of the ADvTECH Annual Leave Policy, under no circumstances may the employee’s accrued leave be paid out upon transfer. This is due to the fact that a transfer is not deemed to be a termination of employment. Leave provisions will rather be transferred accordingly.

ANNUAL LEAVE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES! Annual leave is the time that you reward yourself. It is the time when you can catch your breath, relax and spend time on yourself and, of course, “smell” the roses. You are encouraged to make full and good use of this time as your continued wellbeing is very important to The IIE’s Varsity College. If you fall into the A – C category of the Paterson Evaluation System, then you will be entitled to an annual leave allocation of 18 working days. Once you have completed five (5) continuous years of service you will be entitled to an additional three (3) days which then takes your leave days to twenty-one (21) working days. After completing ten (10) continuous years a further two (2) days will be added that will give you twenty-three (23) working days of annual leave. Staff in the D-F category of the Paterson Evaluation will be entitled to twenty-three (23) working days and after five (5) years of continuous service, a further three (3) days gets added on, to make twenty-six (26) days of annual leave. Academic staff who are contracted to work as per the Academic Conditions of Employment drawn up by ADvTECH and The IIE will be entitled to leave as per their conditions. So how does it add up? For each month worked you will accumulate leave days. There is a simple formula and you can get this information from your HR Department. When can I take leave? Taking into account that there are certain times in the year which are considered operationally ‘busy periods’, you are encouraged to plan ahead and to discuss your leave needs with your line manager. For example: the “registration” period is considered an operationally busy period. Staffing requirements for this period are communicated annually by the HR department. Leave must be requested and applied for in APS no less than two (2) weeks in advance of the start date of the leave period applied for. Of course, there will be special circumstances; e.g. you won 1st prize in a competition that is a week in Mauritius and you need to take up the prize within 7 days! You will need to speak to your line manager in instances like this. Can I accumulate leave? You can only carry over one (1) year’s allocation of leave (e.g. for most employees this will be eighteen (18) days), and any leave in excess of this not taken at the end of the leave cycle (leave cycle runs from January to December each year) will be forfeited. So if, for example, you did not take any leave in 2015 and you started 2016 with your full eighteen (18) day allocation and then did not take any leave in 2016, by December 2016 you would have thirty-six (36) days annual leave owing to you in total. You would then only be permitted to carry over a maximum of eighteen (18) days (from 2016) into 2017 and you would forfeit the other eighteen (18) days that you accrued in 2015. Part-Time Lecturers Certain Part-Time Lecturers do not qualify for a set allocation of annual leave but are rather entitled to take leave during their semester breaks. These semester breaks are determined by the calendar, and in consultation with the campus Principal. There is no accumulation of annual leave for Part-Time Lecturers, and as such no leave is payable upon leaving the company.

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