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OVERTIME LEAVE THE LATE SHIFT This policy is to promote a healthy work/life balance for all Varsity College employees. There will be some times and circumstances that will require you to work overtime and time off in lieu of this overtime worked will be given. “Overtime” means the time that an employee works during a day or a week in excess of ordinary hours of work and that this overtime has been pre-approved by your manager. The overtime may not extend beyond ten (10) additional hours a week or extend a working day to more than twelve (12) hours. Staff may not work overtime unless by pre-approved agreement from their manager. This pre-approval must be attained via email and kept as a supporting document to upload into APS in order to log your overtime in the system. The calculation for the time off in lieu is 1 1/2 hours for every one (1) hour of overtime worked. This is in line with Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). Please speak to your HR Department for a detailed How-To-Guide to assist you with logging your overtime in APS and applying to use that overtime at a later stage. Please note that the following cap guidelines have been applied to the amount of overtime that may be accrued during the following periods: • January - June : a maximum of 10 days • July - December: a maximum of 5 days If you exceed the cap guidelines listed above please speak to your HR department so that they can investigate and advise accordingly. Although it is not always operationally convenient to take the leave approved immediately, it is preferable that you take it within thirty (30) days of approval. All leave of this nature, if not taken before the end of the leave cycle (end December), may be forfeited. It will also not be paid out in a monetary value and if you still have overtime leave owing to you after resigning, this will be forfeited. Due to the nature of our business, employees may from time to time, be required to attend certain campus functions/events that take place outside of normal working hours eg: opening addresses, graduations, programme briefings etc. Attendancee of these functions is not classified as working overtime and, as such, any applications attempting to classify the attendance of such functions as overtime will not be approved or entertained. In the case of registration, there will be a campus roster issued that will ensure that all time is equitably distributed.

MATERNITY LEAVE ANOTHER STAR IS ABOUT TO BE BORN! What is the policy at The IIE’s Varsity College? Usually four (4) weeks, (or at such time as medically recommended and/or management approved) before the happy event, you may commence your approved four (4) consecutive month maternity leave. A maximum of a further two (2) months unpaid maternity leave may be granted based on medical recommendations and subject to management approval. Will I be paid? Maternity leave will either e be paid or unpaid and this depends on your length hof service with The IIE’s Varsity College. If you have more than twelve (12) months of continuous service, you will be entitled to paid maternity leave. This twelve (12) month period will be calculated from the day you started up until the last working day before going on maternity leave. How do I apply for maternity leave? You will need to apply for the leave on the P17 form, and this must be accompanied with a doctors’ letter stating out the expected due date. You will also be required to complete the P33C Acknowledgement of Debt form. The forms must be given to your line manager and HR Department. Once your manual forms have been submitted they will be sent to the National HR team for the HR Manager’s approval and for uploading in APS thereafter. Do I continue to contribute towards the Provident Fund, GAP cover and Medical Aid? These will be maintained while you are on your approved maternity leave. Should you also require the additional two (2) months unpaid maternity leave option, it is possible for you to suspend the full payment of the Provident Fund and only pay the “death and disability portion” for the two (2) month period. If you take unpaid maternity leave, and you are on Discovery and/or Gap Cover (Stratum) throughh ADvTECH, you will need to arrange a payment plan for these contributions before you start your unpaid leave. What if I resign within twelve (12) months after my return from maternity leave? You will be required to repay the amount that was paid during the leave period in accordance with the scale as set out in the Maternity Leave Policy.

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