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DATA MANAGEMENT SAVE IT BEFORE YOU LOSE IT! This policy is applicable to all PC and laptop users. The following rules apply: • All users are required to save and store their business related working documents to their ADvTECH OneDrive. Departmental data is required to be stored on departmental shares on a network drive or SharePoint. Your ICT department will assist you in familiarising yourself with these locations. • No business related data is to be saved on the desktop as this is not part of the daily backup. • If you are unsure about where to save your business related documents please contact your ICT Department Should the above rules not be adhered to, you will run the risk of losing data permanently and you could also face disciplinary action.

DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE At The IIE’s Varsity College we recognise and value the contributions made by the diversity of the people, language and cultures in the workplace. Cultural diversity is a positive, but it can become the source of interpersonal misunderstanding and/or friction. We are therefore committed, at all times, to promoting and preserving the dignity, self esteem and inclusion of all of our employees. • Addressing a colleague – everyone, either a superior or a subordinate is to be addressed in a respectable manner. • Any form of physical assault, fighting or verbal abuse is unacceptable. This includes language or hand signals that may cause hurt, humiliation or challenge the dignity of an employee. MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISORY ETHICS FAIR IS FAIR! The following ethics are encouraged: • Disciplinary and counselling measures will be applied in a dignified manner and with regard to the need for privacy. • Every effort will be made to ensure that all disciplinary measures, formal or informal, will be dealt with in a consistent and fair way and in accordance with the disciplinary procedures in place. • Every effort will be made to keep appointments by employees, mana gers and supervisors alike. • The authority of supervisory staff will, l, at all times, be maintained, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sex, religion or culture. • Victimisation or intimidation practices will not be tolerated and if proven, could lead to severe disciplinary action being taken.

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