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HIV/AIDS AWARENESS HIV/AIDS knows no social, gender, age or racial boundaries. ADvTECH recognises that the HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) epidemic will affect every workplace, with prolonged staff illness, absenteeism, and possible death impacting on productivity, employee benefits, occupational health and safety and workplace morale. The ADvTECH HIV/AIDS policy promotes the following purposes: • Eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace based on HIV/AIDS status. • Promote a non-discriminatory and supportive workplace in which people living with HIV/AIDS are able to be open about their HIV status without fear of stigma or rejection. • The company commits to promoting appropriate and effective ways of managing HIV/AIDS in the workplace. • As part of the HESIO portfolio we endeavor to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS. Please speak to your HESIO committee if you have any feedback or suggestions for us. Other important points: • ADvTECH will not require any employee or applicant for employment to undertake an HIV/AIDS test in order to ascertain the employee’s HIV/AIDS status. s. • ADvTECH, as part of a workplace initiative, will strive to encourage Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT). • All persons living with HIV/AIDS have the legal right to privacy. • An empoyee is therefore not legally required to disclose their HIV/AIDS status to ADvTECH or to any other employee. • A supportive environment will be created so that employees living with HIV/AIDS are able to continue working under normal conditions in their current employment for so long as they are medically fit to do so. • The protection of human rights and dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS is essential to the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS.

DRESS CODE AND APPEARANCE I LOOK? You are expected to present a business image in how you dress and in your appearance at all times. Experience has proven that a professional standard of dress helps to promote the image of the Company and the credibility of the institution. This extends not only to personal hygiene and clothing, but to visible body piercing, tattoos, and unnatural hair colour (blue, pink, purple etc.), that will or could diminish yours or the company’s image in the eyes of our customers and public. If you are in any doubt, ask for advice from your line manager. For detailed guidelines on what is deemed as appropriate attire, please refer to the full policy. FRATERNISATION CUPID’S ARROW? Personal relationships in the workplace should not intrude or be seen to intrude on or influence practices in the workplace. This includes keeping “your distance” from students with respect to gossip, socialising and abiding by the Company’s ethics with respect to fraternisation. So what is on the “what not to wear” list? For everyone: no shorts, no denim wear and this includes jeans, no flip flop sandals; no t-shirts. In other words, if you could wear it to the beach, a picnic at the dam or to a climb up the mountain, then don’t wear it to work! More specifically, for the ladies – please no crop tops, shoe string tops without a jacket/jersey or again anything that is too revealing or that could either be great for an evening out at a club or sunbathing! And for the men – no t-shirts or cut off pants please! What can I wear? Well pretty much everything, with the proviso that if you were called to a meeting you would know that you look neat, tidy and professional. There is no fashion police employed and it is not about keeping up with trends or stifling creativity – it’s just about being dressed appropriately for your position. Should you find yourself in a personal relationship with any employee, independent contractor or other stakeholder you should declare this in writing immediately to your Principal/ National Manager as well as to the National HR Manager. Employees that fall within the following portfolios will on occasion be dressed outside of the usual business attire; Sport and Social, PR and Events, Student Relations, IT and Facilities. This is deemed appropriate as per the separate guidelines for these staff members due to the nature of their jobs. There will of course be “casual days”; or days spent moving and sorting on campus – these are special occasions and it is at the discretion of your line manager or campus Principal as to what can be worn.

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