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Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Abracadabra! the magic

Abracadabra! the magic of turning Abraka Rings creates a carefully constructed illusion where rings appear to be endlessly turning inside out, but in fact, they never flip! Watch another stunning effect unfold as the patterns magically change when you reverse flipping directions! A0448 Abraka Rings - Black/White ages 6-99 SRP $10 A0449 Abraka Rings - Gold/Silver ages 6-99 SRP $12 12

forever turning acting as both a visual wonder and a stress reliever, OSM is a sculptural toy that turns in an endless, seemingly magical loop Playable ART OSM (6 color styles) ages 3 - 99 SRP $8 (hang-tag) SRP $9 (boxed packaging) OSM - Black & White A0450 (tag) A0423 (boxed) OSM - Black A0451 (tag) A0424 (boxed) OSM - White A0452 (tag) A0425 (boxed) OSM - Blue A0453 (tag) A0426 (boxed) OSM - Red A0454 (tag) A0427 (boxed) OSM - Yellow A0455 (tag) A0428 (boxed) 13

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