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Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Exquisite Musical

Exquisite Musical Instruments by Pat Bells - 8 Bell Set in a classic one octave major scale simply pat pat bells is music made simple: no tuning required, no more broken strings! simply pat the bells for resonant notes 36

Exquisite Musical Instruments by songs with color includes four song cards that promote a visual and auditory learning experience, with easy-to-play, color-coded songs NEW with 16-song cards! PA0809 Playme Pat Bells - 8 Bell Set ages 3+ SRP $160 PA0901 Playme Pat Bells Display Stand (bells not included in display) SRP $70 Pat Bells Extension 5-bell Set Five bells arranged in a pentatonic scale, a scale complete in tonality. Also serve as an extension to the 8-bell set to allow playing in half note tones PA1202 Playme 5 Bell Extension Set ages 3+ SRP $100 37

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