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Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Beyond123 Catalog 2018

Exquisite Musical

Exquisite Musical Instruments by Pat Bells Station 5 Bells in a Pentatonic Scale a pentatonic scale pentatonic scales are unique because all five notes are complete in tonality, so every melody you play will sound pleasant to the ear 38

Exquisite Musical Instruments by PA1501 Playme Pat Bells Station ages 2+ SRP $100 interactive stickers play freely from your heart, play premade rhythms, or use colorful stickers to build new melodies in your own songbook (stickers and songbook included) Xylophone a compact design with professional-quality tones, this xylophone is made with 5.5 - 8 x 1 inch bars in a diatonic scale PA0805 Playme Xylophone 12 Keys ages n/a SRP $130 PA0806 Playme Xylophone 8 Keys ages n/a SRP $100 39

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