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DRESSAGE HIGHLIGHTS 22-28 January dited by Polly Bryan @pollybryan SOUTH-EAST Merrist Wood, Surrey Several riders set exciting plus-75% targets ahead of the Merrist regionals. Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Dirubinio threw down the gauntlet for advanced medium gold with 76.31%. However, the most exciting win of the show came from Nicola Byam-Cook and pony Twyford Salamander, whose 75.15% stood at the top of the elementary scoreboard for some four hours before the win was confirmed. Nicola commented: “I’m glad our test looked as good as it felt. I found myself smiling because it felt lovely and I thought, ‘I’m so lucky to be riding this pony’. “It was very rewarding to earn eights and 8.5s for all our collectives when we’ve worked so hard on suppleness and selfcarriage, but it was one of those days when the score seemed irrelevant. We showed what we are capable of at the moment at that level. That’s all you can ever ask.” It was noticeable that winning riders attempting two levels in one day did not fare so well in their second tests. By CELIA CADWALLADER An exception was Shaun O’Sullivan riding Yuri Jinno’s Oldencraig Choice. The duo, performing at the top of their game, relegated Alice and Headmore’s super-talented, stillmaturing Dimaggio son to second in the prix st georges (PSG). Shaun and Choice, a Merrist Wood first-timer, won the class on 69.07% as well as the inter I gold with 67.76%. The latter just exceeded the combination’s previous best produced at the Hickstead international last July. “Choice has a super calm, levelheaded temperament and finds the higher level collected work easy,” said Shaun. “He hasn’t competed a great deal and had never done an evening class. But he managed to cope with coming in from a dark warm-up into a brightly lit indoor arena, and didn’t get distracted by noises from the lorry park, as he would have a year ago.” At the top of their game: Shaun O’Sullivan and Oldencraig Choice triumph at PSG and inter I RESULTS MERRIST WOOD 27 Jan: med 75Q gold (L Waller).—1,So Enamoured (M Pook) 73.78; 2, Amicella (K Mepham) 71.08; 3, Finetime (D Rumsey) 68.64. silv.— 1, Tango III (T Slade) 71.89; 2eq, Medburn Singer (F Jopling) & Dalvangs Lorenzo (H Colgate Hardaway) 68.24. brnz.— 1, Clounties Mr Darcy (G Way) 63.78; 2, Treliver Delicious (J Brown) 62.83. adv med 98Q gold (P Watts).— 1, Headmore Dirubinio (A Oppenheimer) 76.31; 2, Dutch Class (J Palmer) 69.86; 3, Finetime (D Rumsey) 69.34. silv.— 1, Southern Cross Braemar (D Morgan) 71.44; 2, Dalvangs Lorenzo (H Colgate Hardaway) 67.89; 3, Esmerilhao Sernadin (K Shepherd) 67.89. brnz.— 1, Grey Fox II (P Comley) 62.63; 2, Agent Orange (S Whitehouse) 62.5. adv 102 gold (P Watts).—1, Mi Amigo (S-J Lanning) 72.5; 2, Southern Cross Braemar 69.26; 3, Doetelaar (S Dickinson) 63.08. FEI PSG gold (S Merrison).—1, Oldencraig Choice (S O’Sullivan) 69.07; 2, Headmore Dirubinio 66.84; 3, Keystone For Real (D Poynter) 66.57. silv.— 1, Don King (J Wort) 63.55. brnz.— 1, Alef (G Rickard) 64.86. FEI inter I gold (S Merrison).— 1, Oldencraig Choice 67.76; 2, Samarino (T Grantham) 67.36. silv.— 1, Bentley IV (C Pedder) 70.13. 28 Jan: prelim 17A Q gold (C Kershaw).—1, Keystone Rhia (S Green) 74.48. silv.— 1, William Wildstar (R Head) 69.82; 2, Camiro II (I Diggens) 69.31; 3, Rayid Heart Breaker (D Mansfield) 68.1. brnz.— 1, Hawai (C De Metz) 67.93; 2, Hedron (C Ganjou) 66.2; 3, Rosepoint Lace (C Evans) 65.51. nov 37A Q gold (J Hudson).— 1, Laurentina (G Davis) & Such A Jarma (C Sparks) 75; 3, Gucci III (T Fenwick) 73.33. silv.— 1, Divertimento (R Christopher) 70.55; 2, Silken Crème (M Joannides) 69.25; 3, Forever Endeavor (L Moses) 68.14. brnz.— 1, Smooth Emperor (E McFarlane) 67.96; 2, Laithehill Flute (K Hewson) 65.92; 3, Tiger UK (V Woodbridge) 62.96. elem 59Q gold (W Jago).— 1, Belushka (T Fenwick) 69.53; 2, Eastborn D (M Key) 68.9; 3, Harley Beau (S Ridd) 65. silv.— 1, Twyford Salamander (N Byam-Cook) 75.15; 2, Sandro’s Storm (H Bown) 72.34; 3, Casino Scandal (J Price) 72.03. brnz.— 1, Luckatime (J Baldwin) 65; 2, Rondo (L Farrant) 62.65; 3, Catheradoo Hugo (C Hartley) 61.87. OLDENCRAIG 26 Jan: prelim 17 Q gold (A Greenaway).—1, Florida (L Scott) 62.5. silv.— 1, Prevelly Future (J Leight) 64.1. brnz.— 1, Kalooki (G Milne) 68.39 2, Purple Cosmos (J Robinson) 66.78. prelim 19Q gold (C Stothard).— 1, Sarago Raphael (A Ho) 67.08; 2, Jockey Club Cathegus M (A Ho) 66.25; 3, Florida (L Scott) 63.75. silv.— 1, Soulman (M Powell) 65.41; 2, Prevelly Future 64.16; 3, Hazy’s Boy (E Robinson) 62.91. brnz.— 1, Longhalves Renoir (M Austin) 62.91. nov 23 gold (A Greenaway).— 1, Vaterloo (A Farina) 70. silv.— 1, Armitano (E Roche) 71.04; 2, Rowdown Walkabout (C Freed) 67.7; 3, Forrest Clooney (S Allen) 66.45. brnz.— 1, Hazy’s Boy 66.04; 2, Longhalves Renoir 64.79; 3, Soulman 62.91. nov 38Q gold (C Stothard).— 1, Vaterloo 66.93. silv.— 1, Jockey Club Cathegus M 70.48; 2, Sarago Raphael 70.16; 3, Armitano 69.67. elem 45 silv (A Greenaway).— 1, Baxo (A Ho) 67.93; 2, Fay’s Choice (S Jeffery) 67.41; 3, Will-I-Am (J Elkins) 63.27. brnz.— 1, Super Ted III (S Allen) 59.31. elem 57Q gold (M-A Horn).— 1, Waldon Wild Skye (T Dahdi) 68.75. silv.— 1, Will-I-Am 68.21; 2, Fay’s Choice 64.82; 3, Baxo 63.03. brnz.— 1, Super Ted III 59.1. med 69 gold (A Greenaway).— 1, Fiorella (A Farina) 64.39. silv.— 1, Charming Lady (J Barry) 65.9; 2, Waldon Wild Skye 64.69. brnz.— 1, Fumiko (L Bunn) 61.06. med 76Q gold (M-A Horn).—1, Fiorella 69.54. silv.— 1, Charming Lady 61.96. PYO FEI gold.— 1, Caleo (L Baber-Davies) 69.21; 2, Impression G (A Rawlins) 64.86; 3, Baldovino (F Bradley) 63.15. NORTH Epworth EC, North Lincs | Yorkshire Dressage, South Yorks A rider on the comeback trail after a head injury recorded two good wins in her prep run for the regionals. Emma Barbery won both novices at Epworth in her warm-up for a tilt at the regional prelim title on Lowlands Rolling Stone. She has just recovered her confidence after suffering a head injury when the eight-year-old Swarovski gelding slipped and fell when out hacking. By HELEN SCOTT “It’s just over two years since the accident, when I was taken by air ambulance to hospital,” said Emma, the finance director at Askham Bryan College. “I couldn’t ride for a long time and I had to recover my strength and confidence. It has finally got to the point when I feel, ‘yes, we can do this’. “I also had to make my work a priority as I had just moved to my new job when the accident happened, and the dressage has to fit round it.” Steph Crowther is another rider fitting dressage round her job — she runs an equine crematorium — but aced one novice with 75% and came second in the other at Yorkshire Dressage with her showjumping-bred Huevo. The six-year-old had a fetlock injury as a youngster, so is being aimed at a career between the white boards. “We only began competing last June, and have made some mistakes along the way, but he was absolutely on song and got positive comments from the judge,” said Steph, who trains with Caroline Saynor. “We’re just one point off qualifying for the regional finals.” Huevo was named because he needed a name beginning with H for the KWPN studbook. “It’s Spanish for egg, and that’s what we call him at home,” added Steph. Pictures by and Harry Skelton 50 Horse & Hound 8 February 2018

EAST Centaur Trust, Suffolk | Easton & Otley College, Norfolk Elli Darling and Fix Up Look Sharp collected two advanced medium wins at the Centaur Trust. The 11-year-old Rhinelander gelding by Showmaker x Frühlingstraum II was competing at his second show after his winter holiday, and picked up the highest scores of the day, winning both advanced mediums on 71.76% and 71.71%. “He’s feeling really good. We stupidly made the decision to sell him last year, but I obviously wasn’t thinking straight. Fortunately, he failed the vetting, and got to stay,” said Elli, who runs Darling Dressage in Stradbroke, Suffolk. “He’s now just getting fit enough to get back out at PSG and then, hopefully, we’ll be debuting at inter I in the near future.” Tahley Reeve-Smith posted a show-high of 77.5% in the novice freestyle at Easton & Otley By SELENE SCARSI College, riding Sarah Carmichael’s six-year-old Lord Leatherdale daughter Hoemathika M. “We call her ‘Happy’ at home as Sarah says her competition name sounds like a blood disorder,” joked Tahley. “I had her at the winter championships last year, where she was fourth, and then again to bring her back into work after she had a break, as my hacking is amazing and Sarah was booked in for an operation. We received an email saying she had qualified for the regionals, so we got a wiggle on — this was her first show since May,” explained the rider, who will be giving the ride back to Sarah after the regionals. Elli Darling and Fix Up Look Sharp score an advanced medium double RESULTS EASTON & OTLEY COLLEGE 27 Jan: prelim 17Q silv (A Green).— 1, Just Look At Me (Z Saville) 66.72; 2, Carvella (J Rushmer) 61.72; 3, Ciderpress (Z Saville) 57.58. brnz.— 1, Vernice (D Linney) 59.48. nov 28Q gold (M Fenwick).— 1, AD Destination (J Thompson) 74.37. silv.— 1, Rouvin (C Steward) 71.66; 2, San Giovanni (K Boyd) 68.33; 3, Carlung Peregrine (C Kinsley) 67.7. brnz.— 1, Vernice 65.62; 2, Oliver XXVI (C Bullock) 65.41. nov 37Q gold (A Green).—1, Woodcroft Valentino (T Reeve-Smith) 67.22; 2, AD Destination 63.33. silv.— 1, Rouvin 71.29; 2, Boyne Valley Royal (J Bradshaw) 67.4; 3, Carlung Peregrine 66.11. nov FSM Q gold (M Gedge).— 1, Hoematika M (T Reeve-Smith) 77.5; 2, Woodcroft Valentino 74.72. silv.—1, Rouvin 73.33; 2, TT Amika (J Clarke) 72.5; 3, Hollypark Smoothie (A De Silva) 68.05. brnz.— 1, Catchphrase (A Cameron) 64.44. elem 42Q gold (J Patchett).— 1, Carentino Z (C Pegrum) 67.34. silv.— 1, Mount Pleasant Herman (T Fall) 71.4; 2, Feuertanz (S Heath) 70.93; 3, Deluxe II (K Haywood-Rand) 66.87. brnz.—1, Cwmmawr Cosmos (J Hatfield) 65. elem 59Q gold (J Allen).— 1, Donner HD (S Ward) 70.46; 2, Carentino Z 66.4; 3, Biggles Tosha (M Dowman) 65.46. silv.— 1, Mount Pleasant Herman 69.84; 2, Feuertanz (S Heath) 68.75; 3, Cavendish De Vere (J Maddever) 68.75. elem FSM Q gold.— 1, Good Guy (M Phizacklea) 74.42. silv.— 1, TT Amika 76.92; 2, Woodthorpe Little Madame (S Campbell) 72.11; 3, Figaro III (S Gibbs) 71.73. brnz.— 1, Catchphrase 65.57. med 69 silv (S Broom).— 1, Good Guy 65. med 75Q gold.— 1, Sharola Show Star (T Reeve- Smith) 71.62; 2, Zidane III (R Murray) 68.24; 3, Chuachaqui LAT (R Murray) 67.97. silv.—1, Rossandro (L Casbolt) 61.48. med FSM Q gold (R Hillier).— 1, Sharola Show Star 76.5. silv.—1, Nolton Tobago (S Gibbs) 68.33; 2, Felice 41 (D Pack) 63.5. adv med 85Q gold.— 1, Dolcetto (L McQuiston) 72.5. silv.— 1, Sonnen Prinz III (B Spence) 64.85. adv med 98Q gold.—1, Dolcetto 70.13. silv.— 1, Bjornsun (J Howard) 71.31; 2, Sonnen Prinz III 65.52; 3, Con Leche (T Knight) 65.13. adv med FSM Q silv.—1, Bjornsun 72; 2, Fabia Bee (H Theobald) 67.83. FEI PSG gold.— 1, Winnetou GEP (R Murray) 74.21; 2, Sander II (L McQuiston) 71.97. CENTRAL Addington Manor EC, Bucks | Barleyfields, Derbys A two-and-a-half hour trip from Essex to Addington Manor paid off for Katie Roberts and Nemo VII, who landed a double novice silver win. Former PE teacher Katie hadn’t competed since the regionals last summer due to work commitments, so was thrilled with her eight-year-old home-bred. “He’s 17hh, so I’ve given him loads of time and only started competing him last year,” Katie said of the gelding by Showmaker. “He’s better each time and is taking things on board. He trusts me because we’ve done everything together from the start.” Katie, whose horses are based at Bluegate Hall in Essex with her trainer Kaye De Graaff, left her job as a teacher to embark on a new By STEPHANIE BATEMAN career in sports events. “I used to have to work Saturdays and couldn’t take time off during termtime, which limited the amount I could compete, so I’m having a go at another career.” Despite falling down the stairs and cracking three ribs a few days before, Kathryn Crinson headed both novices at Barleyfields with her Irish draught, Embla Maxwell. Kathryn has owned the 18-year-old gelding by Maurice Minor for 12 years. “This is our first attempt at regionals and I’ve only got four points left to qualify,” said Kathryn, who trains with Charlotte Thomas. ‘He’s better each time’: Katie Roberts’ long journey pays off with a double win at novice with her eight-year-old home-bred Showmaker son Nemo VII RESULTS ADDINGTON MANOR EC 25 Jan: prelim 19Q gold (L Waller).—1, Tantoni Flametta (L Crutcher) 70.83; 2, Bluewood Tallulah (J Sutton) 70; 3, Keatinge Savannah (J Sutton) 69.38. silv.— 1, Davala (C Phillips) 70; 2, OSH Gaudi (T Purcell) 66.99; 3, OSH Showmaker Sunshine (T Purcell) 62.29. brnz.— 1, Royale Ransom (H Tyler) 67.71; 2, Phantom Firefly II (J Nash) 64.38. prelim 17A Q gold (C Trendell).— 1, Bluewood Tallulah 74.83; 2, Tantoni Flametta 70.52. silv.— 1, Fourstar Buck (C Roberts) 69.48; 2, Davala 65.86; 3, Westcroft Coco Chanel (B Raymond) 65.86. brnz.— 1, Grovepark Dassett (J Moorman) 67.76; 2, Royale Ransom 67.41; 3, Phantom Firefly II 63.62. nov 22 gold (C Alston).— 1, History (N Barker) 72.76; 2, Celeste Pilliere (S Reeve-Smith) 71.38; 3, Berloz II (A Wilson) 70. silv.— 1, Nemo VII (K Roberts) 70.69; 2, Kaizer (E Beresford) 70; 3, Amon II (A Harding) 67.76. brnz.—1, Puzzle V (V Heath) 64.48. nov 37A Q gold (L Waller).— 1, Faberge Egg (E Johnson) 70.93; 2, Dayrells Summer (J Turney) 69.07; 3, Berloz II (A Wilson) 68.7. silv.—1, Nemo VII 74.44; 2, Faco (P Thomas) 68.7; 3, Amon II 66.85. brnz.— 1, Fourstar Buck 66.48; 2, Fourstar Struck (C Roberts) 66.11. elem 45 gold (C Trendell).—1, San Pedro (N Barker) 66.21. silv.—1, Tantoni Lisbochan (N Rumble) 68.62; 2, De Magic (G Armstrong) 68.1; 3, Furst Shallin (T Perry) 67.07. elem 59Q gold (P Bushell).— 1, San Pedro 69.69. silv.—1, Faco 72.97; 2, Furst Shallin 70.47; 3, Tinie Tempah (H Keatinge) 69.06. med 69 silv (C Alston).— 1, Eurythmic (S Halonen) 65.91; 2, Foxtrott (S Reeve-Smith) 65.15; 3, Sicilia Van De Helle (S Van Meighem) 64.85. med 76Q gold.— 1, Tantoni Dallaglio (R Hughes) 70.61; 2, Distinction (J Turney) 69.39. silv.— 1, Foxtrott 65.45; 2, Eurythmic 64.39; 3, Comico XXXIII (S Allen) 63.33. adv med 98Q gold (P Bushell).— 1, Diablo VIII (N Mahoney) 72.63; 2, Wanadoo (M Ingham) 71.18; 3, Gorklintgards San Barolo (C Robson) 70.39. silv.— 1, Fairnes O (J Turney) 64.87; 2, Dais (K Lainsbury) 63.16. PSG Q gold.— 1, Durable (N Barker) 73.68; 2, Celena T (A Patel) 70.26. silv.—1, Sinderella (S Reeve-Smith) 66.32. 8 February 2018 Horse & Hound 51

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