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Why Women in India have to quit their career after embracing Motherhoods

Look at some of the beliefs that the Indian society has been holding on to, from last many years, related to misconception handling career and motherhood (for woman).

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Mothers Day Quotes In India, unfortunately, even after having been born in a democratic country, we are not free to take our decisions, and not even how we are going to run our individual households. Every time there will be an outside interference! Whereas a man is entitled to take care of the household, cook, look after the children and take good care of other members of the family, the male is responsible to earn bread and butter for the family. But, the question is, what if both want to run their household in the reverse order! Ostensibly, the society will not approve the same, and eventually the family set up will collapse. The couple will finally end up getting tired off the bullies and plethora of obnoxious comments from the society. 2. Women is not entitled to take her own decision Mother’s Day

And, if a woman dares to take her own decisions she might be discarded from the society, she might not be accepted in the society. The way her image has been painted, she is supposed to follow the same path in her life. The interests, the likings, that she may have developed over the years, she is supposed to abandon, after she is that part of her life to take up motherhood. In nutshell, she cannot decide on her own, how she is going to mange her child and work both. The bottom line is, she has to sideline her career at the end or a war like situation at home is waiting for her. 3. She can be thought of being irresponsible Mothers Day People just even look at it in the other way!! Yes, it’s too tough to manage both and when you love the two things in equal amount, there is a great deal of work you will need to put into it. A mother, when she chooses to manage both, her child and her work, she should be encouraged and appreciated for the decision. But, what people start making perception about the woman in India is shockingly astounding. She will be tagged as being an “irresponsible mother”, for she is giving not willing to stop working after giving birth to the child. Also Read: Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Quotes Essay on Mother Short Speech On Mothers Day