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The week with my italian

The week with my italian friend was good.My impression is the Italians are a bit cold people. But after we meet, they can be friendly and warm. We had lots of good time.We tripped to my best places in mediterranean region.we had so fun.because we met with different cultures but we didn't feel stranger.It was like we acquainted before that.sometimes we didn't match.But usually the week lasted good.At first day I was feeling weird.Bur after that,I didn't want to say goodbye.I liked my foreign friends because. hopefully we'll meet again with my friends. ILAYDA OZDURHAN

A Week With My İtalian Friend My week was very beautiful and important because I met new people from other countries and this Project helped me to improve my english and I learnt different languages . I was very happy and stresfull . We went to Eğirdir on Tuesday and next day we went to Antalya. I taught a little Turkish words to my Italıan friend. My Italıan friend is very cute and we resemble each other. Kardelen Emine Ertuğrul

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