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pinelopi66 This week in

pinelopi66 This week in Isparta was one of the best of my life. I spent time with amazing people i will never forget. We became friends immediately and we love each other. I learned about new cultures, i learned things that will be really useful in my future. I had good and bad moments at the same time but this is what makes a trip special. I realized that there are some really good people in the world like Yağmur, who was my hostie, Delfin, who is her best friend and stand by my side all these days, Şulle, who is one of the funniest and kindest people in the ehole world and Ciara, who is so different and made me understand that all people are so different and all the same at the same time. I will never forget this awesome week.

Hi. I was very happy when my teacher told me that a girl from Greek would come and stay together for a week. I knew new people,I knew different cultures, I felt very lucky myself. With this program we have proven that it isn't the religion, language, race and gender to deal with people. Not only the students but also the teachers were very warm and good intensions. It was the most beautiful week of my life. I thought this was how much a person could connect in a week,but I understood that I cried when my friends went to answer it. Our cultures and beliefs are different, it isn't a barrier to communication. I have never felt so happy and amused in my life. Everybody tried to talk to me and get to know me. It made me very happy and I did so. I met very excellent people and really different people. I will never forget this week and those excellent people. I felt myself free and young. I felt I breathed. It was like a dream. I am grateful to anyone who has given me the chance to participate in this program. Thank you all and especially my best teacher Fatih Ermez. SULENAZ KURTBOLAT

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