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BEST WEEK In this week I

BEST WEEK In this week I met lots of new friend I learned lots of new things the week was so enjoy and amazing for me we went to Egirdir and Antalya we visited lots of beautiful place we ate lots of different Turkish food we did lots of enjoy activities we went different shops and restaurant it was so beautiful I learned lots of thing from my partner Linas . And this week is the best week in my life. Furkan ALTINDAL

In Monday I was really excited. Because I was taking a place in an International project first time.Our partners began to came and we meet with them. Then our Italian partners came. First day was really exciting and tiring. The other day we came and began to study. Then we went to lunch. Our guests tasted traditional Turkish food in there. After that we went to Egirdir. We visited Hizirbey mosque, castle of Egirdir. And we looked Ayastafanos church. Qwe walked around lake. We took a lot of photos in Egirdir. Most of our guests liked Egirdir. In the evening, we went to have dinner to a high school's restaurant. In Wednesday, we went to Antalya. First of all we went to Perge where is an ancient city.That was one of the great places which I visited before. Perge was like a carnival. It smelled history. In Perge, we took a lot of photos,too. After that we went to lunch to Aksu. Then we went to Antalya museum. There were a lot of beautiful sculptures, tombs, jewellery and coins from different ancient societies. To be with my host in there together was so good. I enjoyed much with her and the other guys. Then we went to Kaleici and walked around the sea and in the old streets. There were a lot of Turkish traditional clothes,towels and jewellery. Also my friends tried Turkish ice cream. Maybe they could be love Antalya more than Isparta. Because it is bigger and have a lot of place to visit. This week was important for me. Because this was a big chance for me to meet people from different cultures and countries. I think Erasmus programme is so important for this cause. AYSENUR TOKAT

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