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I arrived in Isparta

I arrived in Isparta after two hard days, I only wanted to sleep and rest. Now I'm happy I haven't did it. I'd never meet the beautiful people I stayed with that evening. Everyone has transmitted me the happiness of meeting diversity and the desire to understand differences. I've seen a side of Turkey I'd never imagine, I've enjoyed the breathtaking calm of these places. Eğirdir was perfect, with its mountains and the lake, almost ethereal, so pure. Antalya was really good too, but I've felt like home, the city was too similar to the Italian ones, and I didn't want to feel home, I wanted only to breath a different air, a different life. I've loved everything about this Erasmus, especially people: the family I've been with was an example of kindness and love for the others, I really appreciated the way they treated me. And I have (I MUST) say something about Duru: lovely, so sweet and friendly, always trying to make me feel good, even I had just arrived and I couldn't say a word, even when we had got home and I saw I had to take my shoes off. Her way to be herself permitted me to feel free to talk and to express myself. She has made me meet a lot of people, like Delfin and Yağmur. They transmitted me the happiness I needed. I'll never thank them enough. Martina, Pinelopi, Volkan, Furkan, Martin, Şule: I'll never forget them. It was a great experience, I wish I shouldn't go. Chiara Arnone

Chris Isak Hmm.. Isparta, Turkey... I didn’t even know about this city before my teacher told me a day “hey Chris you and these 3 girls are chosen to go to the Erasmus project”. I was so freaking excited about this! New people, new places, new culture.. just amazing! A country that is so similar to mine, with a longtime history. I said why not? It would be a great experience for me, a guy who wants to discover each and every rock of this planet! My family had already been informed about the trip and the only obstacle in front of me was the time. I waited for two or three weeks and it’s finally the day! I’m going to Turkey. The trip was very tiring, I didn’t even know miss kaliopi that much. Also it was the same situation with my partners, I really didn’t know them much and at first we all were in an awkward sight. That was a problem but I knew that this was about to extinguish within a few dialogues with them. It really happened. After some hours we passed the Turkish borders and we were ready to continue. The first city I saw going through the country was so strange that it made me feel uncomfortable! Can’t remember the name of it but I can remember the buildings,they were old, they were like all the same, painted with a boring color. I was thinking about the house I’m going to live for a week. I made a lot of good thoughts and a lot of bad, making my mind feel sad because of going to the unknown. I didn’t have internet tho! We took the ferry and finally we were off to the road for Bursa. We made it to Bursa and then after some stops we were nearer than ever to Isparta. I took out my camera and started snapping pictures of anything that passed near us. Thankfully, we arrived there sooner than I expected. The city looked good at first sight. They said we should meet to a hotel where we really found them. Furkan wasn’t there so that made me a little bit more stressed. Then he finally came and we met. I can say it was very weird, then he showed me his father and we went off for their house. There I met her mother too. I think she was a little shy at first like I was too but she got used to me quickly. They were so good people. After some laughs and dialogues we were like brothers. We had some same interests but many differences on our personality and way of life. Also, Furkan’s home was a well decorated one, that it looked too similar to mine so that made me feel more comfortable. There it comes the first morning in there. It was very strange, the school, the students and the kids from the program!Cant hide that I was really stressed. Seeing their school for the first time made me think about the differences a Greek school had to this one. I spotted too many differences at a first look. It was a little old by the outside so I thought this would be a simple one. Walking through it the first thing that got my attention was the fact that they were very organized! The had a lot of secretariats with people in them making sure that the school was following the plan. I saw so many persons in the administration of school, also cameras everywhere and very restricted laws just to touch the perfection. The classes were very common to Greek with just a difference on the desks and the panel of them so nothing more to talk about. The next step was to head towards the hotel room where we were going to meet for the next days of our project. It was too close to school. Maybe it was exactly the next building from the school. There I saw many Turkish girls waiting to welcome me. It was freaking weird and I was stressed again. We played a game with groups. In every group the persons were mixed so in my group there were a Lithuanian guy, me and three Turkish ones. I felt a little better with everyone. Then after finishing some work about creativity and innovation we went back to the school again and we ate traditional Turkish foods. Going back to school I met more people and this was happening every day, I made new friends every day.TOO MANY FRIENDS! To say the truth, I didn’t expect to make any friends or maybe only few. We finished eating and then we went to spectacular museum. We had a great time and the guys were liking me more. Then we hanged out with some of my best friends in a

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