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càfe. It was so fun!

càfe. It was so fun! This day ended and here comes the second. Day two, we met again to the hotel that we were meeting everyday. We did some projects and they said us that we are going to to a lake. I think its name is Egirdir. Took the bus and then arrived to our destination. I can really say it was like a dream. It was such a wonderful place! The road to it was also beautiful. We went to a museum(BORING) and then we took a bus for a high place càfe. The view was spectacular, we were able to see the whole lake but I really wasn’t excited because of some bad family news. Hopefully I had some fun and forgot it. We visited some good places too and in the end of the trip it wasn’t enough for us. So we were going to a famous tea drinking place no matter the fact we were tired. We just wanted to have more and more and more fun together. Day 3. I just asked myself “Am I really 4 days away from my home?” I hadn’t a clue about how fast did time pass. This day we were going to a big city named Antalya. I had already heard a lot of good things for this place. I’ve seen it on photos and it looked just amazing. We had some stops. The first stop was to magnificent place with trees and a view of mountains and a river. I have never seen too many pretty places like this in my life so I was really excited. We took a lot photos. We were all now like a big family. They loved me and I loved them. ALL of them! Greeks, Turkish, Italian and Lithuanian, we were one. The second stop had us being in a monumental sight with ancient structures. I hadn’t thought that a sight like this would be so fun. I had a wonderful time in there. We ate on a restaurant and we visited an interesting museum. I couldn’t believe that I’m going to use the word “interesting” for a museum in my life. I don’t know if it was the people around me or the place but I can say that I had a great time again. Antalya center. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Antalya was a FANTASTIC place. It was like a fairytale! Can’t even describe it. Then after the city center we had a stop on a huge mall and we ate gourmet Turkish foods on a restaurant again. In the end of the day we had a party in the bus. Day 4. We woke up and went to school. We did a science history lesson in Furkan’s class. I was only sitting and talking with his classmates. They really liked me. I had to go to the hotel like all the other guys for one of our last meetings. We watched two videos with a meaning and then wrote a fantasy story about air pollution in Mars. It was nice because I learned more about some new friends. We all headed to the mall after the hotel meeting and there I bought souvenirs and gifts got my mother, father, sister and my greek friends. Plenty of us went to a cafe that where we spend a lot of hours dancing and singing. At night we had to be to a restaurant for dinner at a planned time. We didn’t even go back to our homes so we were tired and also it was raining. The dinner was perfect. I will never ever forget about this dinner. I was laughing with some of my friends for hours and we ate too much food. In combination of this two, my tummy was hurting badly and we had to walk to our homes in the rain. Thank god one of the teachers picked us up in the half of the road. Another great day came to an end and this night was one of the hardest for me. I started thinking about everyone that is gone the next day. I was really sad and I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Overthinking made me feel bad. Then it came. The last day, day 5! Very strange day. We went to the hotel again for the last meeting. We didn’t do any of work. It was like taking a lot of photos together, writing to each other’s T-shirts and having a good time. We were just making great memories and remindings. Can never forget this morning. The first to leave were the Italians. It was such a heartbreaking moment. I can feel it right now. I even rushed after the cars of the Italians “nooo don’t leaveee!”.Then we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted so we planned to go on a famous cafe in the center of the city at 7 o’ clock. Before going there we spent time on going to the mall and to Furkan’s house. Furkan’s family was very very kind and hospitable when we entered his house. Linas started playing guitar and we sang with him. It was beautiful moment with beautiful people. I was talking to myself asking “is this real?”, “are these guys leaving?”, “am I going to see them again in a year or maybe never, these fellas that made me feel so good every freaking day?”. They were like my daily routine for a week and I just got used to it, and now am I

leaving? We left his house and we headed to the cafe we had planned to go. Everybody was invited. There were also persons in our table that we didn’t know, they were friends of our Turkish hosts. We were eating a delicious meal while Linas had an idea. He asked me and some other friends to go to the stage and sing some songs while he will be playing guitar. At first I said no because I am a shy person. But I thought about it again and then I accepted. We were on stage with the microphone in our hands and I was really stressed. It went very good, I think...! The crowd started clapping at us. Now it’s time for the two Lithuanian guys, Martin and Linas to leave, we all hugged them and wished them the best. I saw some of the guys crying and I was trying to calm everyone down and make them laugh. It was time for the Lithuanian girls to say goodbye so we did the same as before. Despite the fact we had already left them, we wanted to see them once more so we walked to the hotel where they were going to launch for their trip to the airport. We saw them, hugged them 50 more times again till they left completely. I said “now it’s my turn” and a lot of the Erasmus members came up on me and the other Greek members to say goodbye to us. It was a very sweet moment with a lot of tears on it. Some of the Turkish ones told me they would be at the airport the next morning which from I was leaving. Some other said their goodbye by texting me and telling me sorry for not coming to the hotel. I really was surprised by seeing this and asked myself “was I so important for them in such few days?”. I really love all of them so much no matter how they said their goodbyes. I still get messages that make me feel happy and sad at the same moment. They really care about me, I said. The same night I prepared my clothes and things to be ready for the next morning. It was a tough night again but I was so tired that I slept within minutes from the moment I laid to the bed. Also my phone fell to my face while I was texting... Day 6. We have to go. I thanked my host’s parents for everything they did for me and then I left for the hotel. There were a few of the Turkish hosts and their parents when we arrived. It was so hard to left them behind. But we had to make our way back to Greece. Isparta, Egirdir and Antalya, they were amazing. The long trip started. We had some breaks for food till the Turkish-Greek borders. We also took the ferry to pass the sea. Then the only thing that left is the one way path through Greece to our home city. I finally arrived to my house and the first thing I did, was to make a room for the souvenirs and the collective things my friends gave me. I really was in tears while doing this. I can’t even thank anyone enough for what they did for me and the times we spent together. Still can’t believe that I may not see again some of them in my life and can’t believe that I must wait some months or maybe years to see them again. Can’t even describe how much love I feel for them. Just surprised by how a trip to a neighbor country can make people come closer. To end this up here because this puts me in tears, I highly recommend going on this kind of programs because they broaden your knowledge and your horizons. Especially, I highly recommend visiting Turkey, trust me you won’t regret this

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