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Employee Handbook Update 2018


FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY LEAVE FAMILY IS IMPORTANT You are entitled to take three (3) days family responsibility leave per twelve (12) month cycle (a 12 month cycle starts in the month that you joined The IIE’s Varsity College) for the following reasons: • The birth (this applies to the men), illness or death of a child. • The death of a spouse or life partner. • The death of a parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling. • Any other qualifying family emergencies. You will need to apply for this type of leave in APS and upload the relevant supporting documentation (e.g. a copy of your child’s birth certificate, family member’s death certificate or medical certificate for child, etc.) for approval. Over and above the three (3) days family responsibility leave, all male employees with more than one years’ employment at ADvTECH, are entitled to take a maximum of 2 days paternity leave per annum in the event of the birth or formal adoption of a child.

STUDY LEAVE TRAINING THE BRAIN Am I entitled to any study leave? Should you be engaged in study in a field that is of benefit to the company, you will be considered for study leave. You will need to negotiate this with your line manager. How much study leave will I be allowed? You can be given, at management’s discretion, two (2) days study leave for each exam, to a maximum of ten (10) days per annum. This will include the day of the actual examination. In other words, you can take the day of and the day prior to your exam. You will also need to upload a copy of your exam timetable as a supporting document when applying for this leave in APS. FAQ’s Can I take study leave for tests? No, study leave only applies to examinations and not tests. What happens if I have two exams on one day? When two examinations are to be written on the same day, the employee may be granted leave for the two days prior to the examination date and one day’s leave on the date of the examination. What happens if my exam is on a Monday? When an exam falls on a Monday, the Friday before the exam may not be taken as a days study leave unless otherwise approved at the line managers discretion. What happens if my exam falls on a Saturday or takes place in the evening? Study leave for exams that fall on a Saturday or that take place in the evening will be granted as follows: • Exams that take place on a Saturday: The employee may apply for one days study leave on the Friday before the exam. This study leave application will be approved at the discretion of the Principal. • Exams that take place in the evening: The employee may apply for one days study leave on the day of the exam. This study leave application will be approved at the discretion of the Principal. What happens if I have exhausted my study leave? Should the employee have exhausted their study or exam leave any additional time required will require an annual leave application, or overtime leave should the employee have any overtime leave owing to them. If the employee has exhausted their annual leave and if they have no overtime leave owing to them then they will need to apply for unpaid leave accordingly. Can I accumulate my study leave from one calendar year to the next? No, study leave may not be accumulated from one calendar year to the next. What happens to my study leave if I resign? Study leave will not be paid out upon resignation. Should an employee resign after a study leave application has been approved, and the study leave falls within their notice period, then the study leave will be deducted from the employee’s annual leave balance. Should this balance be exhausted, then this will be treated as unpaid leave. Do I qualify for study leave if I am registered for Post Graduate Studies, a Masters Degree or a Doctorate? An Employee registered for a postgraduate qualification (post initial degree) which would benefit the Employee’s career with the Company, will be considered for a maximum of ten days study leave in any calendar year. This leave may be used for attending required residential sessions, writing up a research proposal or thesis or dissertation or any other required activity for which documentary support from the relevant institution can be provided. Study leave will not be given in more than two consecutive years for a Masters and three consecutive years for a Doctorate. Should an Employee not have completed the degree during that period, any additional leave should be taken as annual leave, if available. When applying for this leave in APS the employee will need to upload the following supporting documentation: • Proof of their registration for their Post Graduate studies, Masters or Doctorate; • Letter of motivation to confirm what the time off will be used for (e.g. details of their research proposal).

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