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Employee Handbook Update 2018


DISCIPLINARY CODE KEEPING IT FAIR! Disciplined behaviour and personal responsibility for this is essential both for the successful achievement of your objectives and for the safety and fair treatment of all employees. This is the principle that underpins the ADvTECH disciplinary code. You need to familiarise yourself with what is considered misconduct and the corresponding procedure that will be followed when dealing with misconduct. It can be applied in two ways: 1. Corrective – this would mean that you may have acted in ignorance and you need to be corrected, guided and instructed to act in a correct manner. 2. Punitive – this action will only be taken should prior corrective action have proved to be ineffectual, or when the offence is so serious that the relationship of trust between the parties is ruined. The ADvTECH disciplinary code guides both you and the Company in the event of any disciplinary measures needing to be applied. A copy of this code is available from your HR Department.

GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE I AM HAVING A PROBLEM! It is recognised that from time to time, an employee may wish to address a grievance related to their employment. The grievance could be that you feel that you have been unfairly treated, or you are being unreasonably harassed by a co-worker. There is a formal procedure in place to ensure that you can raise any grievance and that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of everybody involved. A copy of this procedure is available from your HR Department. HARASSMENT STAND UP AND BE HEARD Harassment in its broadest context can be defined as inappropriate behaviour, actions, comments or physical contact that is objectionable, unacceptable and constitutes misconduct. The most notorious forms of work place harassment involves sexual and/or racial harassment. There is a whole range of actions that fall under this heading and could include verbal abuse, discrimination on the basis of disability, belief or intimidation. ADvTECH is completely intolerant of harassment and any person found to be guilty of this will be disciplined. You are encouraged and asked to report incidents of harassment. The Grievance Procedure can be used.

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