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Employee Handbook Update 2018


ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA POSTMAN PAT IN CYBERSPACE! The Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy aims to govern the use of the ADvTECH (and, by inference, The IIE’s Varsity College) ICT infrastructure in order to ensure effective use of our computers, data lines, and communication platforms which, in turn, improves our ability to provide a predictable and stable operating environment. The highlights of the policy are: • No sending of spam or unsolicited emails or misuse of the distribution lists will be allowed. Any spam should be reported to immediately. • The maximum email size is set to 15 megabytes (MB); however, any attachments larger than 5MB should be shared through OneDrive instead. • Ensure that you maintain your mailbox size below 20GB by adopting proactive filing habits. Speak to your ICT department for assistance. • Consider compressing large documents before emailing them. • Do not share your login details with anyone! • Lock your laptop/computer when you are away from your desk. • You will be held responsible for any activity on your username. • Do not fabricate a message and/or sender of a message. • Do not post or transmit, by any means, any content, which is, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content of any kind. • Do not post or transmit, by any means, any content which brings the company into disrepute. • Do not use any communication facilities to offer or solicit private services for private selling of goods and/or services. • If you are out of the office for a full day or more then you should activate your “Out of Office” function. • You are required to follow the Loss Control Policy in the event that equipment (i.e. laptop or computer) is stolen or lost. • Communications such as emails, voicemail and items stored on users’ computers are the property of ADvTECH and should, at all times, be treated as though others may later view them. • You may not excessively download, reproduce, share, retain and/or create records that contain music, images, sound or video, if such record is not reasonably required for the user’s official business. • The personal use of Internet and/or social media while using company property, resources and time is discouraged and, where it affects the productivity or role of the person concerned, may be considered as an abuse of company resources. Common sense and good judgement should guide personal and private usage. Any breach of this policy will result in: • A user’s email privileges being revoked or restricted without warning or consultation, and/or; • Disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. Such disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with ADvTECH’s Disciplinary Policy, a copy of which can be obtained from your HR Department.

PORTABLE IT EQUIPMENT KNOW BEFORE YOU GO This policy applies to all users who have access to and/or use of the company’s Portable ICT Equipment (e.g. laptops, a small compact portable computer, notebooks, netbooks, digital cameras or similar equipment, including data connectivity cards/modems, projectors and external hard drives owned by, licensed to or rented by the company). The purpose of this Policy is to: • Inform users about the use of ADvTECH’s Portable ICT Equipment. • Create rules for the use of ADvTECH’s Portable ICT Equipment. • Clarify responsibility and provide the appropriate action in the instance of loss or damage to Portable ICT Equipment that has occurred. • Provide clarity on how to deal with transgressions of this Policy. This Policy states that users may not: • Use Portable ICT Equipment to access or view pornographic material or obscene materials without the prior consent of the research committee and/ or the Director or Registrar of The IIE who will consider if there is an academic, instructional, or research reason for such access to be permitted. • Use Portable ICT Equipment to download or distribute malicious code or illegal software. • Use Portable ICT Equipment to harass another person. Users should not transmit to others or display images, sounds or messages that might be perceived by a reasonable person as being, or have been identified as, harassing. • Intentionally damage Portable ICT equipment. • Install additional software onto Portable ICT Equipment without prior authorisation from your ICT Manager and without an ADvTECH owned license. • Leave the Portable ICT Equipment at work overnight unless locked in a safe place or secured with an authorised personnel. • Leave the Portable ICT Equipment in plain sight in a vehicle. Loss or damage to Portable IT Equipment: • ADvTECH’s insurance policy does not cover the costs of recovering stolen Portable ICT Equipment. • The user will be held responsible for the replacement cost of the Portable ICT Equipment in the event of loss or damage as a result of negligence on the part of the user. • In the event that the loss or damage to Portable ICT Equipment is not as a result of negligence on the part of the user, the head of the Division can determine the appropriate action and allotment of costs. • Users are required to follow the Loss Control Policy in the event that Portable ICT Equipment is lost. • Users are required to report any Portable ICT Equipment damage to their ICT Department. • Users are allowed to add the Portable ICT Equipment to their personal insurance should they wish to protect themselves against possible loss. Portable IT equipment usage guidelines: Included in this Policy are some guidelines to be followed when using Portable ICT Equipment. These include: • Shut down laptops when not in use to avoid overheating especially before placing it in a laptop bag. • Hard drive and display should be set to turn off after a period of time when laptops are not in use. • Use a hard surface under your laptop as often as possible; as a soft surface can block the airflow vents and cause overheating. • Before packing your laptop in a bag, unplug all accessories. • Do not leave your laptop on the floor. It can easily get damaged. • Use a good quality bag that is designed to carry Portable ICT Equipment. • Never check your laptop in as luggage when travelling on an airplane. Any breach of this Policy will result in disciplinary action been taken against the offender in accordance with ADvTECH’s Disciplinary Policy.

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