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Employee Handbook Update 2018


PROMOTION REACHING FOR THE STARS! The IIE’s Varsity College encourages promotion from within. This creates opportunities for all employees and will allow you to continue to develop and for Varsity College to be able to build capacity. And because of this ethos: • Preference will be given to internal candidates with the appropriate skills and qualifications. However, from time to time, it may be necessary to recruit externally for specific skills not available from within. • The Company is committed to the training and development of all employees. There is a proviso to the above in that before you apply for any advertised positions, you must have been in your current post for a minimum of six (6) months.

TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN Giving notice Your contract of employment sets out the notice period that you or the Company must give in the event that there is an end to the relationship. You will be required to: • Submit your resignation in writing, dated and signed by yourself, to your line manager and/or your campus Principal. • Work the full notice period that is required of you as per the contract that you signed. As per legislation you will not be permitted to take leave during a period of notice. • Should your contract state that you need to work a calendar months’ notice this means that you need to work your notice period from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. If you resign after the 1st of the month you will need to finish working the current month and then work your notice for the following month in full e.g. if you resign on the 7th of June you are contractually required to finish the month of June and work the full month of July as your notice period. On the other hand • The Company can ask the employee not to attend work during this period while making payment of any remuneration due during this period. • A contract of employment can be terminated without notice should the circumstances warrant and the grounds of this termination is recognised in law. An example would be a proved incident of theft. Incapacity In the event that an employee, for the reason of ill health or lack of capacity, fails to perform in a satisfactory manner, the Company will always consider ways, short of dismissal, to remedy this matter. Retirement The normal age for retirement is sixty-five (65) years old. Exit Interviews The Company recognises that employees will move on and take up other positions within and outside of the company. In an ongoing effort to continually improve conditions of employment and to remain relevant in the workplace, an exit interview will be conducted following a resignation or transfer. This is an extremely important management tool and so your honest input is valued. Staff References Managers and staff may not give reference, either written or verbal on present or past employees. The Company does provide a certificate of service in keeping with good HR practice. Any requests for references must be directed to the campus Principal or the national HR manager.

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