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Employee Handbook Update 2018


SMOKING - TAKE A DEEP BREATH! OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY IS THE NUMBER 1 PRIORITY Varsity College is totally committed to the health and safety of everyone and each campus/office has its own health and safety committee that oversees this very important aspect of the operational requirements on your campus/in your office. But it is not just the committee’s responsibility, it is also your responsibility to support all of the OHS requirements and to be ever vigilant and to keep safety in mind. • All campuses and office spaces are declared smoke free environments. • No smoking may take place anywhere within the building even if an employee has their own private office and air conditioner or air extraction system. • This includes areas such as toilets, fire escapes, lifts, canteen, storerooms, kitchen, offices, garages, passageways, balconies or smoking out of windows. • Smoking can only take place in the designated smoking area/s on each campus. • If you are found smoking outside of a designated smoking area in contravention to the Company smoking policy then the relevant disciplinary action will be taken against you. In addition, in terms of the Tobacco Products Controls Act, the employee and the Company may also be subject to prosecution should the Act be contravened. How can you help? Here are just a few tips for your to keep in mind: • Unpack boxes and move them out of the way as quickly as possible. Don’t allow them to stack up around your desk or in pathways. • Cleaning the floor is a daily occurrence so watch out for the signs that say “wet floors” and proceed with caution. • Office chairs that have perhaps reached their sell by date should be retired before they cause you to topple over or become a “pain”. • Open drawers can be a hazard too, keep them closed and you won’t trip over them. • Report loose carpets or uneven surfaces as these too can be tripped over. • Take care, cooperate, and obey the rules to avoid serious consequences. • Report anything you think is unsafe to your immediate line manager or OHS representative. • Report incidents immediately to ensure proper treatment and recording thereof. These are all small ways that you can help in keeping your environment safe and healthy.

HESIO MAKING THE IIE’S VARSITY COLLEGE AN EVEN GREATER PLACE TO WORK FOR! So what is HESIO (pronounced, ‘heh-c-o’) all about? • In its simplest form HESIO can be described as a workplace forum or a consultative committee made up of management and employees. • It is an inter brand ADvTECH initiative, • It is an acronym that when spelt out, goes like this: H is for HIV & Health; E is for Employment Equity; S is for Skills Development; I is for Investors-in-People, and O is for Occupational Health and Safety. • It has at its heart the following imperatives: o To ensure that sufficient consultation takes place; with staff reps and management when developing achievable Workplace Skills Plans and the integration of Employment Equity, that make good business sense, and as envisaged in the relevant Acts. o That policies, procedures and practices are fair and reflect the intention of legislation. o To review, discuss and promote adherence of Occupational Health and Safety matters. • It is led on each campus by a committee made up of representatives from a number of departments. They are your voice on important issues that affect the day to day life of the campus. • It has roles and responsibilities and these include: o Meeting on a quarterly basis at campus level and reporting on their assigned area/s of responsibility. o A campus HESIO representative participates at the biannual meetings held at brand level. o Being campus “champions” in promoting and encouraging the embracing of cultural diversity and change. o Suggesting ways to effectively implement the HIV/AIDS Policy and to encourage meaningful initiatives. o Keeping you updated and in the loop with regards to what is or has happened in matters falling under the umbrella of HESIO. In all of the above, HESIO committees are not intended to be decision making bodies, but rather fulfil an information and communication role. HR and line managers therefore retain the responsibility of implementing recommendations and communications. The primary objective of HESIO is to make The IIE’s Varsity College an even greater place to work for.

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