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Employee Handbook Update 2018

Employment EquIty

Employment EquIty CommIttee: What are the Objectives of the committee? The purpose of the committee is to deal with employment equity related matters. They seek to ensure that sufficient consultation takes place with the employees on all levels in the organisation and that processes are fair to all employees, and ensure that the company meets legislative requirements. What are the responsibilities of EE Committee members? • To review current status against submitted Employment Equity Plan. • To assist in the drafting and submission of the new plan; when it becomes due (Section 20 of the Employment Equity Act). • To provide feedback to management on employee suggestions, perceptions and concerns related to the Employment Equity Act. • To provide input and assist in the implementation of interventions related to diversity, employees with disability, skills development and employment equity. • Partner with management and the Human Resource department to identity barriers in employment equity. • Review and sign off the Tertiary Division Employment Equity Plan and report in line with agreed timelines. • Submit minutes, action items and attendance register of Employment Equity Meetings to the committee. Should you want to know more regarding this committee please contact your HR Department.

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