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The Weekly Times - TWT - April 11th, 2018

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10 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 11 April, 2018 Seniors Festival 2018 Knowing your local Funeral Director LADY Anne Funerals has been serving the local community for eleven years and are a family owned and operated business. e are staed b dedicated copassionate local woen who take pride in providing professional genuine care for all the failies we serve ur funeral arrangers will eceed our epectations to ensure that the service we provide is eactl to our reuest whilst honouring and reebering the wishes of our recentl passed loved one e will work closel with ou to create a eaningful dignied service and take pride in ensuring the rst person ou speak to is the sae person ou will be dealing with all the wa through the arrangeent process This sae person will also be conducting the funeral service on the da allowing us to take care of all the hard work for ou which in turn gives ou the tie to grieve without an added pressure Lad nne unerals are not a part of the large nvoCare group that own hite Lad unerals Guardian unerals and iplic- Locally owned and operated it unerals as well as several ceeteries and creatorius e are independentl owned and unlike the nvoCaregroup do not answer to shareholders The Lad nne Chapel can cater for up to people or for failies that would like a sall intiate private service These roos can be used for catering after the service e take pride in our preises which includes our own on site ortuar and offer a large variet of services to suit our needs fro no service eorial services church chapel or graveside services all of which can be personall tailored to our needs s TJ ndrews are no longer in the Rde area Lad nne unerals are the onl nonnvoCare funeral director in the area e invite ou to call us or drop in for an guidance or uestions ou a have lease support a local business that supports the local co- unit Call us toda Cox’s Road Mall North Ryde celebrates our local seniors WITH twenty retailers under one roof, free parking and a onestop shop, Cox’s Road Mall North Ryde has been well supported by our senior community for over 62 years. This coing eniors eek we have plent of oers infor- ation activities for seniors fro our favourite organisations and retailers Have our uestions answered regarding health downsiing and legal atters Hoe nstead will have an inforation stall in the Centre this rida pril and aturda pril The provide a large tea of CRGivers who assist in providing personalised in hoe care services to an failies across the region Hoe nstead enior Care is a non edical provider of copanionship personal assistance including showering and dressing eal preparation edication reinders do- estic assistance errands and incidental transportation These services are all designed to allow an older person to sta hoe for a longer period and are provided to clients on a seven da a week hours a da basis b CRGivers nforation table in the centre on pril and pril fro a to p David Jarvis fro Ra hite North Rde will also have an inforation table on Thursda pril to answer an uestions on downsiing and propert sales along with Hunt & Hunt olicitors for all legal atters including estates and wills tlish cents lorist is oering a per cent discount to all seniors holding a eniors Card for the week er doesnt include deliver fees t shbs Drcleaners Just Hair and Cae ncontro everda is eniors Da Just ask instore for their senior discounts ur resident phar- acist evin has ears eperience in aged care and edication anageent oers The pharac offers health check on edications called edsChecks does free blood pressure checks and edication checks There is also new up to date products on the arket for arthritis such as tur- eric which is an antiinaator that is safe to take with other edications unlike the conventional nonsteroidal antiinflaatories NDs eg Voltaren/ Nurofen o recharge and grab a bite to eat at one of our food outlets including Noble Terrace Cae ncontro Bills eafood resh Cut sandwiches fro our Deli it back and eno our choice of hot drinks sandwiches salads burgers and ore fro our eateries in the Centre pen seven das with free parking WHAT’S ON AT COXS ROAD MALL THIS WEEK FOR SENIORS DOWNSIZING AND PROPERTY SALES 12 TH April | 10am - 2pm nforation table hosted b Ra hite North Rde along with Hunt & Hunt Lawers answering our uestions on ropert ills and states YOUR HOME, YOUR CARE, YOUR WAY 13 TH & 14 TH APRIL | 9AM -2PM Learn ore about iportant changes to hoe care and services available to support our independent living at hoe Large tea of Care givers assisting in personal care doestic transport and ore NORTH RYDE PHARMACY OPEN 7 days 9am – 5pm perienced in aged care edication anageent ree blood pressure & eds checks New up to date products on the arket ASHBYS DRYCLEANERS, JUST HAIR, CAFFE INCONTRO ASK ABOUT THEIR IN STORE SENIOR DISCOUNTS tlish scents orist are oering o for eniors Card Holders Recharge and grab a bite to eat at Noble Terrace Bills eafood North Rde Deli Cae ncontro OPEN 7 DAYS | FREE PARKING | 213 Coxs Road Mall, NORTH RYDE

Wednesday 11 April, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 11 Seniors Festival 2018 Keeping active makes for happy and healthy seniors THESE are just a few of the residents from Dalton Gardens Retirement Village who spend time on Monday mornings with friends enjoying a class of “Gentle Exercises” choreographed to music. The exercises are designed not only to tone and stretch their bodies but to also promote balance, co-ordination and concentration. Class is conducted by the experienced Sheila McCarthy who is an Associate Teacher with Bjelke Peterson Bros School of Physical Culture at Gladesville/Ryde Club. Sheila, herself a senior, has been teaching this Gentle Exercise Class at Dalton Gardens for over 20 years and never fails to be amazed at the enthusiasm demonstrated by this happy group. PICTURED standing are Margaret Flynn, Doris Jeffrey, Lesser Jones, Sister Helen, Wendy Wilson, Mario Lopez, Tina Lopez, Lucy Blundell Elizabeth Sancataldo, Thirza Woods and seated Mary Debeck, Jeanette Ryan and Barbara Banfield. John Alexander OAM, MP Federal Member for Bennelong Seniors Week 2018 Recognising the considerable contributions made by Seniors to our community John Alexander MP hosts the Minister for Aged Care, The Hon Ken Wyatt MP, at a recent Seniors Forum event John Alexander MP Serving Bennelong 44 Oxford Street, Epping 2121 Phone: 9869 4288 Email: Web: Facebook: John Alexander MP Twitter: JohnAlexanderMP Authorised by John Alexander MP; Liberal Party of Australia; Suite 1, 44-46 Oxford Street, Epping NSW, 2121 Do you have a housekeeper or handyman? Life's made easier at Hunters Hill Lodge with a prestige & vibrant community of serviced apartments where you can start each day knowing things are taken care of. JUST LISTED Sought after 2 bed apartment - $1,250,000 It’s more like a 5 star hotel - Resident’s Daughter Short stays are available if you would like to trial living at Hunters Hill Lodge, or just come and join us for a meal! Contact us on 02 9879 6355 for more information. • 02 9879 6355 PERSONAL CARE COMMUNITY QUALITY D INING HOUSEKEEPING RECREATI O N

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