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The Weekly Times - TWT - April 11th, 2018

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12 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 11 April, 2018 Seniors Festival 2018 West A JOB Ryde WELL Physio DONE. team can get A JOB WELL DONE. Your local Hero! you back on track to full function $ ourteous, honest service that leaves 1300 TAP 000 e and accessories right to your door. 0 CALL OUT FEE West Ryde Physio at make it their priority to deliver the best available care to help you return to your active life. The team at West Ryde Physio answered the following questions for TWT readers: Burst pipes, taps, toilets, water filters, hot water systems, and gas fittings. Tap Rescue offers a reliable, courteous, honest service that leaves your place sparkling clean. Our van is a mobile showroom offering you a full range of quality tapware and accessories right to your door. $ 0 CALL WINSTON READFORD NOTARY PUBLIC Ⅰ SOLICITOR Ⅰ CONVEYANCING ■ Estate and Business Planning ■ Wills and Downsizing ■ Powers of Attorney ■ Enduring Guardianships ■ Chartered Tax Adviser 165 Coxs Road (cnr Chauvel Street) NORTH RYDE F 9888 3865 T 9887 2888 OUT FEE Looking after you and your close family is our specialty Your local Hero! Looking after you in Cox’s Road since 1982 Does your knee pain prevent you from en- 1300 TAP 000 joying your activities? The new guidelines for treating knee osteoarthritis involve exercise and conservative management (according to the Osteoarthritis Research Society International 2018). What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common condition seen by GP’s and physiotherapists. It affects the articular cartilage and meniscus that protects the bone surfaces between the tibia, femur and patella. Over time, this cartilage can break down and wear. What are the risk factors? Age, increased body weight, previous history of joint trauma, family history and heavily physical occupations can contribute to OA. Common symptoms: ain and stiffness in the morning diculty using the stairs, pain with prolonged walking and standing, joint swelling, clicking and locking are some of the symptoms of joint osteoarthritis. How is it treated? Knee OA is a chronic condition, and symptoms can uctuate over time depending on activity. There is good evidence that physiotherapy, education and modification o activities can be as effective as arthroscopy (key JOHN BYRNES & ASSOC. (LEGAL) PTY LTD Solicitors and Conveyancers With over 40 years experience Mr. Byrnes specialises in: • Criminal law • Family law • Traffic Law • Probate Law & Wills • Property & Conveyancing Seniors Discount welcome Suite 1, 191 First Avenue, Five Dock P h: 9 1 8 1 2 2 6 1 | F a x : 9 8 1 9 6 3 6 1 Email: Experienced titled Physiotherapists Experienced titled Physiotherapists Clinical Pilates classes Musculo-Skeletal and Sports Injury Treatment, Exercise prescription Clinical Dry needling, Pain Pilates Management, classes Manual Therapy Lymphoedema treatment and post breast cancer rehab Musculo-Skeletal Women’s Health Continence and and pelvic Sports floor treatment Injury Pre and post-natal physio and classes Treatment, Exercise prescription Dry 997 Graf needling, avenue, West Ryde, Pain 0298093854 Management, Manual Therapy Lymphoedema treatment and post breast cancer rehab Women’s Health Continence and pelvic floor treatment Pre and post-natal physio and classes 997 Graf avenue, West Ryde 02 9809 3854 Mannings Funerals provides a complete range of quality care MANNINGS Funerals can help families prepare bereavement notices and tributes in The Weekly Times as well as providing a complete range of funeral services. The team at Mannings Funerals said notices and tributes are part of a range of services they provide to families to meet their entire funeral needs. “Unlike most, Mannings will arrange everything for you from beginning to end,” the team said. “We are here to help you through the dicult period of making funeral arrangements for your loved one and we have been assisting families for over two decades. As well as the preparation and placement of newspaper notices, Mannings Funerals will also organise personal meeting to whole surgery), without the adverse effects. A long-term management plan incorporating strength exercises; weight management; activity modification simple pain medications (as required, in discussion with your GP); heat or ice packs to decrease pain; knee brace when appropriate is the best strategy for slowing the progression of OA, managing symptoms and optimising function. What can be done at home? A daily program for your leg muscles including stretches will keep your knee mobility. Strengthening (in a pain free manner) exercises such as squats, bridges and calf raises can help improve your function. If walking or landbased exercises are make arrangements for the funeral/memorial service. It also has male and female arrangers that can cater to your every request, such as casket covers including owers bouquets or veils and an organist or vocalist for use during the service with a huge repertoire of music in all genres. “Memoriam cards, books and candles are personalised to the individual and we can arrange mourning cars including motorbike escorts and police escots if necessary. “We can organise the clergy of your choice including an array of civil painful, choosing cycling or water-based exercises are necessary to maintain overall cardio-vascular fitness and help maintain a healthy body weight. When to see a physio? As each person with Seniors Week 4th April - 15th 1st - April 10th 2018 2016 Senior’s Week celebrations recognise the ongoing commitments & contributions that seniors provide to our community. KAIN, Tanya Teresa 16.05.1962 – 11.03.2018 The Hon. Victor Dominello MP State Member for Ryde 9808 3288 For information on seniors week and details about events during seniors week head to Thank you to all our Seniors! Late of Ryde Cherished wife of Bill and adored mother of Ryan and Jordan Tanya will be dearly missed by all who love her. Aged 55 Years celebrants who are multilingual and non-denominational.” Mannings Funerals have staff that can liase with you in seven different languages that include English, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Spanish, French and Arabic. “We also cater for prepaid funerals which are a cost effective way to for the individual themselves to decide what they would like and have the price fied with no hidden costs.” Mannings Funerals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be contacted on 9555 7551. knee A is different it is important to see a physio to tailor an exercise program to help you regain your function. Phone 98093854 or check website: www. Family and friends of Tanya are warmly invited to attend her funeral service P r ou to dly be held in the Magnolia su Chapel, p p orMacquarie ting Park Crematorium, Cnr of Plassey and Delhi S E Roads N I O North RS Ryde W on E EMonday K March 19, 2018 appointed to A nd commence the im at p 2:00pm. or tant r oles they p lay in ou r society. Bright Attire would be appreciated E V O R L E E & S O P L F U R A L D E C R S A U S A L O D A l l S u b u r b s 9 7 4 6 2 9 4 9 F D A o f TR N TY TD NE IR TO TR IA N WNE NS W

G G G Wednesday 11 April, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 13 Seniors Festival 2018 I m p lant innovation: D ental im p lants and r eg ener ation, m inu s the discom f or t and post-surgical side effects THERE was a time when having dental implants was an unpleasant experience, causing discomfort, swelling and time o work for days or even weeks with postsurgical issues. Now, a select group of dentists in Australia offer an alternative. The revolutionary All-On-4 procedure is a great alternative to dentures or deteriorated teeth. It uses four titanium dental implants to anchor the teeth in the upper and lower aw. This provides a strong foundation for prosthetic teeth, which are added afterwards to complete this permanent procedure. Your entire treatment is done while you sleep. To aid speedy regeneration and recovery the procedure is ideally complemented by the latest in stem cell technology which can also be used on single implants, reducing healing time by hal. State-of-the art stem cell technology is based on obtaining a concentration of healing proteins derived rom your own blood. These growth factor proteins have biological activity which not only stimulate the acceleration of tissue regeneration and healing but also reduces inammation pain and the risk of infection or post-surgical complication. When we suffer an in- ury the human body’s natural response is to release proteins that stimulate the process of repairing that in- ury. At Chatswood Dental Centre we isolate and concentrate these growth factors rom the patient’s own blood placing it in the area where we need it so we can deliver you a uicker recovery. This pioneering, scientifically supported process is 100 per cent biocompatible versatile and sae. When used in conjunction with dental implants, the plasma concentrate creates a much more avourable biological environment for osseointegration as a protein interface is achieved that ast tracks bone healing significantly increasing the success rate. Dr Anthony Wasserman rom Chatswood Dental Centre says “Since starting to incorporate the concentrated plasma in our regenerative and implant cases, our results have been eceptional. It has assisted us to achieve great results in both tissue and bone regeneration with minimal post-operative complications and higher success rates. The accelerated wound healing, combined with decreased discomfort, without any side effects has really differentiated us from other implantologists in our region. Chatswood Dental Centre is at the forefront of the dental industry with a comprehensive dentistry program. isit To atend an upcoming seminar phone Chatswood Dental Centre on 912-380. Dr Anthony Wasserman of Chatswood Dental Centre (far left) says the revolutionary All-On-4 procedure is a great alternative to dentures or deteriorated teeth. West Ryde family appeal for cat A West Ryde family has desperately appealed to readers of The Weekly Times to find an owner for a lost little cat, pictured. Jeanette and Aaron Standley o Gaa Road recently ound the cat - named Maggie May - under a car but despite a desperate search her home and owner remains a mystery. She is a small black cat with green eyes who came running up to us from under a car on a very hot December day they told The Weekly Times.. She was hungry and thirsty and we brought her food and water and we took her to West Ryde et Clinic where she was checked. We are members o the World League for Protection of Animals at Gladesville and we put up posters with her photo all around West Ryde and Meadowbank searching or her owner and had no response. She is only about one year old and is very lively and wants to play all day. Do you Have Sleep Apnoea? We would love to keep her but we have three other cats we live in a townhouse, and she chases our cats around. She is loving and we would love or someone to adopt her. We have toys and ood and kitty litter or her if someone would like her. To adopt her contact the amily on 01 827 628 . •A ccredited S pecial ists in W E x pert A dv ice in W il l s, E n durin g P ower of A ttorn ey, A ppoin tmen t of E n du uardian s, •A ccredited S pecial ists in W il l s & E state L aw E x pert C•A E A dv ompl state ccredited P ice in imen l an n in W il l s, E tary g n durin S , Rpecial ev W iewin g P il ower l s ists g f of or R etiremen A ttorn in S en W ey, ior il Al s t ppoin CV & il itiz l ag tmen E state e en A g t of s reemen E * n L durin aw ts a g E x uardian pert A dv s, ice E state in A W g P iled l an l s, n EC in n are g durin R esiden , R ev g iewin P ower cy g R of A A g ttorn reemen t ey, V il l ag A ts *Non-complex Wills for Senior Citizens over ppoin e A 65 g reemen tmen years t ts of an E nd duri * Please uardian contact s, E state our office PA lg ed n Cin to are g , speak R R ev esiden iewin to cy Lucille g AR getiremen reemen Lees, ts t Accredited V il l ag e A g reemen Specialist ts an and upon production of ID * Please contact our A office g ed C to are speak R esiden to Lucille cy ALees, g reemen Accredited ts Specialist * Please contact our office to speak to Lucille Lees, Accredited Specialist •A ccredited S pecial ists in F amil y L aw To take advantage •A of this S pecial offer please ists in telephone F amil y L our aw office on P roperty, R esiden ce, C on tact, D e- f acto rel ation ships an d D iv orce 98 1 6 P 1 roperty, 1 2 2 •Abefore Rccredited esiden 1 ce, 6 A C pril on Stact, 2 pecial 0 1 D 8 e- f acto ists make rel ation in an ships F appointment amil an d y D L iv aw orce and * Please * Please contact P roperty, contact our R esiden our office office to ce, Cto speak speak tact, to to D Lucille Lucille e- f acto Lees, Lees, rel ation Accredited Accredited ships Specialist Specialist please mention this advertisement. an d D iv orce * Please contact our office to speak to Lucille Lees, Accredited Specialist •S pecial isin g in C on v eyan cin g an d P roperty T ran saction s We can also offer assistance with Enduring Powers of A ttorney, S al es an S d al es purchase an d purchase of property, C S trata T itl e, P urchasin g f rom P l a •S pecial of isin property, g in C C on ommercial v eyan cin premises, g an d PS trata roperty T itl e, T P ran urchasin saction g f r A * ppointments Speak to our licensed of Enduring conveyancer Guardian, Lauren Dennis Estate about your Planning sale or purchase and * S Speak al es an to d purchase our licensed of property, conveyancer C ommercial Lauren premises, Dennis about S trata your T itl e, sale P urchasin or purchas g f ro contesting Wills P hon e: 981 6 1 1 22 P L hon ucil le: e J 981 L ees 6 1 1 22 Lucille J Lees, A ccredited Specialist Lucille J Lees, il l s & Lucille E state J Lees, A ccredited Specialist L aw A ccredited Specialist •S pecial isin g in C on v eyan cin g an d P roperty T ran sacti * Speak to our licensed conveyancer Lauren Dennis about your sale or purchase P hon e: 981 6 1 1 22 Lucille J Lees, A ccredited Specialist 243 V ictoria R oad, G L A D E S V I L L E N S W 21 1 1 A ccredited 243 V E mail : in f o@ l eesan dg iv n 243 ictoria Specialist V ictoria R oad, in R oad, Wills G L G A& L D Estate A E D S E V S I V LLaw I L L L E E and N N S S F W W amily 21 21 1 1Law 1 1 E mail Please also E see mail : in f our : o@ in website: f o@ l eesan l eesan dg dg iv iv n n P hon e: 981 6 1 1 22 Please Please also also see see our our website: 243 V ictoria R oad, G L A D E S V I L L E N S W 21 1 1 E mail : in f o@ l eesan dg iv n Please Benefit from our local knowledge experience Please also also see see our our website website: Benefit from our local knowledge and experience Benefit from our local knowledge and experience Benefit from our local knowledge and experience RISK FACTORS Family History Overweight Thick Neck Aging Medications Deviated Septum Enlarged Tongue Enlarged Tonsils SYMPTOMS Waking up Gasping Air Snoring Fatigue Morning Headaches Irritability Sore/Dry Throat Nocturia MAY CAUSE Heart Failure Stroke Hypertension Diabetes Death Depression Motor Accidents Impotence Sleep Screen Available at Chatswood Dental Centre Chatswood Dental Centre is at the forefront of the dental industry with a comprehensive dentistry programme. (02) 9412 3805

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