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The Weekly Times - TWT - April 11th, 2018

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22 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 11 April, 2018 Real Estate & Investment Wise advice for the end of financial year The Barefoot Broker with Jason Khoury WITH June 0 only ten weeks away, it’s time to put the wheels in motion if you want to prepay the interest for net year. Tax Legislation allows us to pay 12-months of deductible expenses, like interest, in advance. And the banks are more than happy to get their hands on your money upfront. But be careful, once you do it, you sometimes kind of need to keep doing it every year...this can often become adminstrationally tiresome! It’s most effective when you’re going to be on a lower tax bracket next year. In this case, you’ll end up with more money in your pocket if you claim the deduction this side of June 30. Paying Interest-In- Advance makes best sense when: 1) You received a Capital Gain this year, or got a massive bonus 2) You are taking time off net year whether for an operation, a long holiday, retiring, or even to have a baby. 3) Is a Redundancy is on the cards? If you’re an NRL player, when is your contract up for negotiation? Here’s an example: On a $1.5m investment loan at say 4 per cent, the annual interest is $60,000. If you’re in the 45 per cent tax bracket this year due to a Capital Gain, but likely back at 32.5 per cent next year, the gross benefit you get by claiming the interest prior to June 30 is a whopping $7,500. Of course, there is an effect rom parting with your cash earlier, especially if you carry a home loan which you service with your aftertax dollars. This will be examined in a video when we launch The Barefoot Broker online, taking into account opportunity cost and the projected Internal Rate of Return. Yes an overkill, and perhaps boring, but for a mathematics junkie like myself, I can’t wait. The one-year “IIA” Fixed Rates do vary amongst the banks. Currently the NAB rate is 4.49 per cent and ANZ is at 4.11 per cent. For those leaving their investment loans as variable, remember what I told you last month, we might be able to get you a variable rate of 3.59 per cent (that’s a lifetime package discount of 2.08 per cent). Our exclusive columnist The Barefoot Broker is local Tiger boy Jason Khoury, Managing Partner of the award-winning iChoice team in Concord West. Phone 9743-0000. ystery graffiti accuses Hunters Hill nd Ryde councils of killing residents DESPITE repeated at empts to clean it o, raffiti on ictoria Road, ladesville which accus s Hunters Hill and Ryde ouncils of killing resi ents ust keeps coming ack. The grafitti on both sides f the road at Gladesville hops first appeared two onths ago outside the illyard Gladesville site and ccuses both councils of orhestrating a greedy political SOLICITORS DIRECTORY WINSTON READFORD NOTARY PUBLIC Ⅰ Ⅰ SOLICITOR Ⅰ Ⅰ CONVEYANCER CONVEYANCING 165 165 Coxs Coxs Road Road (Corner Chauvel Street) (cnr Chauvel Street) NORTH NORTH RYDE RYDE F 9888 3865 9888 3865 T 9887 9887 2888 2888 Level 1/219 Victoria Road EASY GLADESVILLE PARKING above Commonwealth Bank SEE US FIRST For True Business Exposure, TWT Advertising is the Answer RONALD S. CZINNER & CO. Solicitors & Conveyancers 15/1 Jordan Street Gladesville 9816 2133 All legal & conveyancing matters. YOUR CONTACT FOR • Family Law We can help with • Conveyancing “Wills, probate & DECEASED ESTATES • Immigration Law & LAWYERS, CONVEYANCERS & NOTARY PUBLIC BLIC WE CAN HELP WITH WILLS, PROBATE & FINALISING “Know Where You Stand” Shop For 6, 43-49 all all legal Blaxland and Road all other (corner conveyancing legal of Argyle services matters Avenue) RYDE NSW 2112 Rear 223 Victoria Rd, GLADESVILLE 2111 Phone: 9817 4698 Phone: (02) 9743 9807 1333 3222 Head Office 154 Elizabeth 22/103 St, SYDNEY Majors Email: Bay 2000 Rd, Phone: 9264 3877 Concord Phone 9807 6666 drive to cash in on overdevelopment. Ryde Clr Roy Maggio (Ind) inspected the grafitti on Monday and said that while he had no idea of who is behind it it reects local residents’ anger. “The message is loud and clear,” he said. “Aussie backyards in Gladesville are being overshadowed by high rise apartments the trac situation is a mess and what has started as a good idea to revatilise Gladesville has gone through the roof. “Thousands of motorists pass this grafitti every day and both council’s and particularly the state government should have got the message by now, loud and clear.” Councillor Maggio said he hoped residents angry with overdevelopment in Gladesville will attend the Ryde Council meeting on Why duplex is so popular recently? • deall a freestanding hoe with land value is perfect However due to the aordabilit the best alternative is a duple with a half block of the land with a decent sie fail hoe • The hoe value in the area ou were brought up has risen a lot in general ant to be close to our parents and cafes ou issed about t is nanciall viable to live in a duple • Duples low aintenance is attractive to the bus life stle for the oung fail with both couples working full tie • No strata fee or bod corporate copared to villa or townhouse ore freedo to ake changes in a duple • sall back ard is good for our gardening entertaining kids to pla around and to keep our pets either a cat or a dog • s privac coproised b a coon wall oe found that it is ore secured to have a close neighbour For Buying, Selling or a Free Consultation CALL/SMS 0413 168 681 Terry Team EMAIL NOW IN SIX LANGUAGES NOW IN SIX LANGUAGES! 1300 80 10 83 REAL TALK E S T A T Terry Ching (Wu) since year 2001, actively serving Sydney Northern Districts (Eastwood, Marsfield, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Ryde, West Ryde etc) Tuesday, April 24 at the Council Chambers to support his protest motion. He said the amount of six to 10 storey developments going up at the same time in Gladesville is also killing Victoria Road’s small shops and he questioned why it takes weeks to resurface the footpath on Victoria Road. “This should have been completed by now, he said.” The City of Ryde has apologised for any inconvenience through a sign erected at the site authorised by Project Manager Brian Jacobs. Councillor Maggio recently called on the state government to freeze developments on Victoria Road, Gladesville. E Ryde Clr Roy Maggio says grafitti on Victoria Road ladesville which accuses councils of killing residents reects widespread community anger with overdevelopment. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO Local teenagers present new plays in Ryde park THE Ryde Youth Theatre returns this year and will convert the Band Rotunda in Ryde Park into an intimate and immer sive performance space for their pro duction of Let Me In, Let Me Out. Let Me In, Let Me Out comprises ten short plays that tackles the concept of asylum, what it is and when people need it. The short plays were written, directed and performed by theatre artists, emerging professionals and school students between the ages of 14 and 22. The plays range from the medieval concept of sanctuary to the International Declaration of Human Rights and each play is unique in its story, style, ideas and concept. It will be the sixth time Ryde Youth Theatre’s has presented short plays written, directed and performed by young people from the Ryde area. It will be the second time the Ryde Youth Theatre converts the towering brick arches of the band rotunda at Ryde Park into a theatre. Suzanne Hauser, Artistic Director at the Ryde Youth Theatre, said the location at Ryde Park is the perfect setting for this year’s production. “I love its inherent theatricality,” she said. “The space itself is like a huge picture frame around the work. “We put chairs around the inside wall of the rotunda so the audience is right in there with the actors.” Dates and times for Let Me In, Let Me Out are this Friday April 13 at 7.30pm; Saturday April 14 at 7.30pm and Sunday April 15 at 5.30pm. Tickets are $8 and are available from oung actors Dylan Pitt and Eric San are pictured above.

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