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The Weekly Times - TWT - April 11th, 2018

Campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney\'s north west


28 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 11 April, 2018 TENNIS LESSONS AWP TENNIS 0450 833 099 Tennis Australia Qualiied Coach * Two generations of coaching experience Boutiue court and clubhouse Eclusive lessons or ladies clinicssemi private privates .All ages welcomeGREAT RATES TILES/TILING ACCLAIM TILING SERVICES Gaby 0404 032 426 Specilaising in bathroom renos all types o wall loor tiling. Call Gaby Lic 2161c SAM THE TILING MAN 9832 9837 0413 072 621 Small tiling obs only Lab Mats under 1000 0 yr ep Lic No. 683C SYDNEY’S BEST PRICE & QUALITY Jun 0420 743 123 Fully insured eperienced. Work guaranteed. 020 73 123 Lic 2610c INNOVATIVE TILING FLOOR & WALL TILING 0407 442 288 All Wall And Floor Tiling Interior Eterior Waterprooing Interior Eterior Kitchen Laundry splash backs Bathroom ools Laundry Renovations Leaking Shower Repairs Stack Stone Natural Stones roessional Friendly Advice Special rice For ensioners Free Measure Detailed Quote We Do It Right The First Time. Call Raymond 007 2 288 Lic Number 202336c To advertise Phone Narelle: 9807 6666 Handy TOWING NETWORK TOWING Ed 0417 294 856 2/7 Accident Assist. Cash paid or old cars. Aordable uality service. Call Ed. TREE LOPPING VIC’S TREE CUTTING 0404 162 752 9858 2874 Tree pruning and removal stump grinding. Fully ins. Free Quotes. Qual Aborist. Family business. BANKSIA ARBORCARE 0412 181 075 Chris 1800 181 075 Fine pruning to large tree stump removal. Sae clean ob guaranteed. Member o NAAA. Qualiied Arborist Tree Surgeon Horticulturist. Quick reliable. h Chris Toll Free CHIPFAST 9874 2229 0417 227 622 all aspects o tree work ully insured ualiied arborist ree uotes wholesale garden mulch. AT YOUR TREE SERVICE 0415 124 794 9832 3573 Local Business. All aspects o Tree Work. Fully Insured. Free Quotes. W E THE TREE CUTTING COMPANY 9873 4442 0423 623 777 Large tree removal. Sae eicient aordable. Insured ualiied arborist. ABLE TREE SERVICE 0415 756 713 1/2 price this month 20 ens. Disc. All aspects o tree and stump removal. Qualiied Arborist F/Q Fully Ins. Call Andrew Phone The Weekly Times 9807 6666 TUITION MATHEMATICS TV, DVD & AUDIO INSTALLS TV REPAIRS Guide TREE LOPPING CNTINUED A.J’S TREELOPPING & RUBBISH REMOVAL 0412 933 031 Quick reliable ully insured ree uote pens. disc. Etra services incl. stump grinding garden main small concrete obs etc. Jo-Anne 0401 914 269 r -12 Et 1 2. ery eperienced teacher tutor. Call Jo-Anne To advertise Phone Narelle: 9807 6666 TV, AUDIO INSTALLATIONS Nick 0412 667 770 Set up o lasma/LCD Home theatre DD Hi-Fi. ens disc. Technician with 0yrs ep. Call Nick. EXCELLENCE ELECTRONIC ENTERPRISE 0412 566 100 9807 2772 Install DD Setup bo Fotel/ptus Get your DIGITAL Ready All T DD Hi-Fi Microwave acuum Antenna wner operated or 20 years WEST RYDE TV & DIGITAL BOX SET UP 9804 6954 DVD, home theatre, plasma TV Antenna, install & repairs 35 yrs exp. Pen Disc. VENETIAN BLINDS AMORS VENETIAN BLIND LAUNDRY 8765 1733 Gentle pressure clean wa inish re-cond. o all makes ree wash with all ull reps. Same day serv. Meas uote on venet vertical Holland. Gladesville. WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS RYDE REPAIR CENTRE 9807 9828 Repairs all washers, dryers, fridges/seal, dishwashers. 7 days. WEDDINGS RAY WOOD PHOTOGRAPHY 0414 843 759 WINDOW CLEANING NO STREAKS WINDOW CLEANING, 9808 6773 Eugene 0415 258 454 rompt riendly reliable service F/Q ully ins. Eugene SPIC AND SPAN WINDOW CLEANING Greg 0411 055 476 Also sot house wash. Greg H/ pressure cleaning. Sydney Water eempt. OUTLOOK GLASS WINDOW CLEANING 9874 2815 David 0412 667 525 ressure clean/sotwash. Fully Qualiied. Fully Insured 20 yrs ep. Call David YOGA NIRVANA SCHOOL OF YOGA - RYDE 9809 5618 Stress relieving recuperative Strengthen rela. Suit all body types. vifb– GLASS SERVICES LANDSCAPING TRADES & SERVICES 9807 6666 ices 9807 6666 tion GLASS SERVICES Expert Gardening and Landscaping Retaining Wall Paving Stepping stones Huss 0414931795 ST RYDE ROVERS WINNER of the Year 3 Soccer Registrations in 2012 including 13 women’s teams! s to All Age, Over 35’s, Over 45’s & Super League. Turf Mulch and pebbles RUBBISH REMOVAL RUBBISH REMOVAL RUBBISH REMOVAL • FREE QUOTES • Trees Lopped • Yards Cleaned • Demolition Work • Stumps Removed • Factory & Office Stripouts FAST EDDY’S PH: 9550 2046 MOB: 0418 486 665 Credit cards welcome WE LOAD, YOU RELAX PLUMBING PIP’N HOT PLUMBING On Call 24/7 RELIABLE & QUALITY SERVICE Call Us Today! 0431 012 636 Laing is presented with a framed women’s jersey by Rovers’ Life Member Karen Harrison. WINNER Business Person Business Person ew Members Welcome! of WINNER the Year Business Person of the Year Thank you for your Votes & Support • CCTV pipe inspection • Blocked drains / Jets blasting • Drainage renewals • Gas installations • Roof & Gutters • Leaking taps and toilets • Burst pipes • Renovations •New construction • Hot water heats lue participation, fair play and fun. 2017 Hornsby Local Business Awards to provide development opportunities 2013 Online 16-3 10/ Registrations NRRsL d StA -3 now for all our players. 24/7 Emergency Services DUtd d Ravens open! 1-0 SSab d Registration Thank Thank you you for Dates for your Votes Same Day & Support Service Teams NER from -2 Under WRR d 7’s MBB to Over 12-0 35’s urday 2017 22017 nd February Hornsby 9am Local – 3pm Quality Business Guaranteed Awards Competition 11/1 WRR d runs Comets on Sundays 19- or Club shorts and socks included in all registrations Ontime Plumbers NRRSL d illa 19- Flames d nday 3 rd February 9am – 1pm 10% 24/7 Seniors Emergency Discount Services Ale 18-10 11/2 NER d WRR bank Park (Adelaide St. entrance) Want to know more? Same Day Service 1-11 Raven s d Ravens 36- Check our website for details FREE TRAINING BALL Quality Guaranteed Quality Guaranteed 8 Halos d LQ 18- 11/3 For Under 6’s and 7’s Ontime Plumbers Taps & Licensed Blocked Burst Ontime 10% Seniors Plumbers MBB d Comets 23-8 illa d Discount Toilets Gas Fitter Drains Pipes and socks included in all registrations 10% Seniors Discount NRRSL Registration 12-9 Ravens Dates d WRR Saturday 23-7 StA 2 nd February d DUtd 12-10 9am 11/ – 3pm or Want to know more? SSab d illa 31-3 Ravens The Punctual Plumbers e Punctual Plumbers The Punctual Plumbers FREE QUOTES No hidden costs | All work guaranteed Fast same day service | Friendly employees ROOFING Specialising in roof repairs. Slate tile, iron guttering chimneys etc. Lic No R60555 9798 7075 or 9799 2158 Lic No. 235159C EASTWOOD RYDE NETBALL ROUNDUP FINALIST ERNA Netball Competition d Ravens 20- NRS d StK Trades & Services GIRLS Kelly JUST Family Restaurants WANT 18-8 FINALIST TO 11/ MLC d NRRSL 30- 7/4/18 Trades & Services HAVE FUN? 2 WRR d SSab 2- LQ FINALIST New 10/1 Players NER d StG Welcome 21-1 Ravens d NRRSL 13-9 WRR 6- 12/1 NRS d NRRSL 33- d Ravens 2- StA d EUtd Trades & Services d Ravens 12-710/2 WRR d StG d WRR 1-10 Ravens d NRRSL 1-3 Ravens drew Ravens 0- 12/2 NRRSL d NER 7-7 illa d StK 16-1 LQ 33-1 NER d StG 20- 10/3 SSab d WRR 12-3 CFlm 13 DUtd d NRS 2-11 12/3 d NRRSL 6-3 Halos d LQ SSab d Comets - Halos 2-3 StG d MLC 6- 10/ d StK 21-19 Halos d Ravens WEST Halos RYDE d Comets 2-0 ROVERS Halos d 3-9 12/ Halso d WRR 18- NRS SOCCER 12-3 Ravens d Ravens NRRSL d illa 2-6 MLC d SSab 8- 12/ StA d WRR 1-13 DUtd d MLC 20-9 13/1 Flames d Ravens 3-29 StA d NRRSL 31-19 NER d WRR 63-21 13/2 NER d WWich 20-19 NER d Flames 36-13 WRR d StA 23-8 13/3 MBB d Comets 38-7 WWich d StG 28-10 13/ WWich d StA 33-1 WWich d DUtd 23-9 NRRSL d SSab 0-2 Ravens d StA 3-18 13/ NER d SSab 30 23-2 MLC d LMC 19-2 MLC d WWich 26- LMC d WRR 17-6 1/1 WWich d WRR 3-27 Comets d StG 39-27 StA d SSab 2-19 ERNA d NER 32-12 1/2 WRR d EUtd 3-30 DUtd d WWich 20-19 Comets d StG 3-9 Ravens d Comets 31-7 1/3 NRRSL d WWich 3-31 WRR d SSab 16- 12 MLC d MLC 3-16 1/ MLC d SSab 17-9 Flames d LMC 1-13 Comets d NER 21-11 1/1 NRS d Ravens 0-2 NER d NRRSL 1-13 Flames d Halos 26-21 1/2 SSab d Flames 7-2 StG d MBB 8-13 WWich drew WRR 31-31 DCen d Ravens 31-30 1/3 DUtd d WWich 2-21 WWich d LMC 7-3 StA d EUtd 26-16 MLC d Ravens 29-19 1/ StA d SSab 39-11 WRR d MLC 0-2 THIS MONTH Call Cameron for a FREE QUOTE 0401 805 534 SHUTTERS Plantation Shutters, Roller Blinds, Verticals, Venetian and Panel Glides. TREE SERVICES % OFF Based in North Ryde, Owner/Operator with over 7 years in the industry. ABLE TREE SERVICE * All aspects of Tree Work & Stump Removal * Qualified Aborist * Free Quotes - Fully Insured * 20% Pensioner Discount Andrew: 0415 756 713 LMC d LMC 3- CDT 1 WWich d WRR 0-2 NRRSL d Flames 9-39 EUtd d WRR 38-17 Comets d ERNA 3-27 CDT 2 DCen d NER 0-22 MBB d WRR 38-28 NER d NRRSL 3-2 Flames d StG 7-18 CDT 3 WRR d NRRSL 3-28 Comets d Flames 3- 33 SSab d NRS 3-30 CDT MLC d Ale 3-1 WRR d WWich 12-7 Ravens d StA 30-21 CDT Flames d LMC 2-23 DUtd d SSAb 32-7 DUtd drew SSab 19-19 CDT 6 Comets d LMC 19-1 Ravens d MLC 38-10 StA d WWich 31-11 WWich d SSab 30-26 A1 StG d WRR 33-23 Flames d NRS 1-7 A2 WRR d ERNA 3-19 WRR d WRR 29-26 Comets d StA 38-3 B1 NER d StA 38-30 StA d WRR 3-29 NRRSL d Flames 0-3 B2MBB d Ale 28-1 NRRSL d WRR 28-17 NRRSL d WRR 39-19 Ravens d SSab 21-19 B3 StG d StA 2-21 Ravens d WRR 33-7 StA d Flames 1-21 C1 WRR d DCen 31-2 Comets d ACQ 3-18 Flames d NRS 1-17 ERug d WRR 37-8 Flames d StA 38-23 C2 StA drew NRRSL 17-17 Flames d Ac 36-7 NRS d NRRSL 33-23 C3 Comets d WWich 32-20 WWich d WRR 28-2 WWich d NRRSL 32-21 Flames d ERug 30-1 C WWich d Ale 0-31 DUtd d NER 36- 2 NER d NRRSL 30-1 C WWich d DUtd 38-12 StG d Flames 21-9 NRRSL d EUtd 28-16 C6 WWich drew MBB 29-29 Ravens d DUtd 29-2 NRRSL d SSab 1-16 EUtd d Newstars 27-1 C7 NRSL d StG 22-1 StA d ERug 17-8 EUtd d WRR 31-26 C8 WWich drew NRRSL 20-20 NER d DCen 22-2 WWich d MBB 21-19 C9 Comets d MBB 22- 17 MBB d NRRSL 2-16 Ravens d NRRSL 23-6 D1 NER d SSab 18-6 Ravens d WRR 18-12 WWich d DUtd 33-12

Wednesday 11 April, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 29 LOST & FOUND FOUND Maggie, 1 year old black cat with patches of white, found in West Ryde, has been desexed, microchipped and had all vaccinations. Friendly, very playful. Free to a good home. Food and kitty litter supplied. Ph 0407 460 486 DEATH NOTICE GRACE Reta 17/6/1928 - 1/4/2018 Of Hunter’s Hill. Recently Cairns. Anne and Robert advise that Mum died 1 April 2018 aged 89 (17 June 1928) Cremated in Cairns A full and interesting life. In memory, donations to Guide Dogs Australia. CARS FOR SALE SUBARU Impreza auto sedan white 1999 AWD power steering power windows mirrors cruise control only 75,000 kms 11 months rego vgc $2,650 Ph 0469 962 947 FAIRLANE GHIA BF Model Auto 2007 Sedan.6 Cyl. Black with black leather interior. Ex funeral morning vehicle. 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Missing you so much ‘Honey’. Love from Raymond and our family ATCHISON Sydney Archibald - Passed away April O’BRIEN Betty Joan - Passed away. Late of 1. Late of Ettalong Beach. Formerly of Rydalmere. Gladesville. Aged 85 years. Aged 81 years. PORTER Barbara Ruth (nee Rixom) - Passed AYRES Gwendolen Edith - Passed away April 5. away April 1. Late of Abbotsford/South Strathfield. Late of Lane Cove. Aged 89 years. RANDALL Anne Leah - Passed away March 30. GORMAN Esme (Essie) Valerie - Passed away REGAN Jan - Passed away March 23. Celebration March 31. of her Life at St Peter Chanel Church, Hunters Hill on GRUNBERG Margarita - Passed away March 27. Friday April 13 at 2pm. Late of Putney. Aged 74 years. SERIO Luigi (Lou) - Passed away March 28. Late HAYES Graeme Spencer - Passed away April of Five Dock. 3. Late of Beecroft. Aged 77 years. Thanksgiving STAMP Frederick Henry - Passed away April 6. service on Thursday April 12 at 2pm at West Epping Late of Hunters Hill. Uniting Church, corner of Carlingford Road and STEWART Nola - Passed away March 30. Late of Orchard Street, Epping. North Ryde. Aged 88 years. HUONG-LEE Daisy - Passed away April 2. Late of TAYLOR Eva - Passed away April 4. Late of Eastwood. Aged 100 years. Haberfield. Aged 59 years. KENNING Dorothy Margaret Hope - Passed VERESS Eva Maria - Passed away. Late of away April 4. Late of Dorothy Henderson Lodge, Drummoyne. Aged 86 years. Macquarie Park. Formerly of North Ryde. WALKER (NEE HIRSCH) Margaret Elizabeth McCULLY Norman Frank (aka Normie) - Passed - Passed away March 31. Late of Russell Lea. away April 1. Formerly of Greenwich. Aged 94 years. Formerly of Belrose. McLENNAN Graeme John - Passed away April 6. WARDROP Wesley Norman (Wes) - Passed away This Late coupon of Denistone to be East. used Aged only 85 for years. those adverts w, listed $2.20 March belo will 30. guarantee Late of Drummoyne. next Aged 83 years. edition,FREE McSHANE Marion adverts Elizabeth will be - Passed published away in March order DEADLINE of WOOD receipt. Janice for all Beryl adverts - Passed is away April 4. Late of 5pm 30. Monday’s. Aged 94 years. No multiple bookings will be accepted Hunters on No Hill. coupons. Trading Aged Corner 82 years. Adverts accepted by phone, fax or email. DO NOT SEND COINS IN POST . For all other Classified adverts please call 9807 6666 PUBLIC NOTICE THANK YOU to St Expedite, Mary McKillop and St Joseph for granting my wish. Novena St Jude Prayer Novena to St Jude May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the World now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me. St Jude of Jesus, have mercy on me. 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MOVING HOUSE. Furniture, baby goods, tools plus heaps more. All good quality & lots of bargains . BE EARLY SHARE ACCOMMODATION EAST RYDE FULLY Furnished sunny room in a House. Spacious garden & backyard. Ring PAUL 0402 625 667. No TEXT WANTED TO BUY SEWING MACHINES Portable any make/model, any condition. Call Mal 0401 802 752 OLD MOTORBIKES going or not. No chinese models please. Call Terry Ph 0455 289 591 CARS Any cond 2000 onwards wanted. Will pay straight away Ph Wal 0425 304 475 STAMPS Australian pre decimal stamps wanted Kangaroos King George V definitives cash paid on the spot Ph 0418 967 577 WORK WANTED FANTASTIC CLEANING* Thorough, regular, reliable, home/office* Ironing* Experienced Honest Lady * Good Refs* Free Quotes Ph 0421 180 466 NOW IN SIX LANGUAGES! ADULTS OR CHILDREN REQUIRED FOR NEWSPAPER DELIVERIES EVERY WEDNESDAY RYDE PUTNEY WEST RYDE EPPING CARLINGFORD EAST RYDE GLADESVILLE HUNTERS HILL For further details phone Narelle 9807 6666 or email to Perfect Timing: Sydney FC resume sizzling form ahead of finals AFTER a brief late season lull in form, Sydney FC has returned to its sizzling best ahead of this year’s ALeague finals series, having already bagged the premiership. Last Sunday, Sydney FC saw out what was ultimately a comfortable victory against Adelaide United in its second last fiture o the Hyundai A- League regular season. Clear-cut chances were at a premium in the first hal as both teams defended well. But the Sky Blues crucially converted an allimportant breakthrough, crowd favourite Matt Simon heading home with just seconds to the halftime whistle. The game opened up more in the second half to the Sky Blues’ advantage and the champions-elect were able to add another two goals to their tally through Bob‘. MEANWHILE, Sydney FC Head Coach Graham Arnold felt last week’s crushing win over Korean side Suwon Bluewings had been coming as the Sky Blues kept their AFC Champions League knockout stage hopes alive. The Hyundai A-League Champions produced a dogged defensive display before showing their class in attack to emerge 4-1 winners in Korea. Polish international Adrian Mierzejewski put in a man-of-the-match display, setting up both o Sydney’s first-hal goals before scoring the match-sealer 11 minutes from time. But Arnold lauded his entire side after their recorded their first win o the 2018 AFC Champions League campaign to stay in contention for a spot in the last 16. “We feel this has been coming for us. We’ve had two games away from home we should have won as well,” Arnold said. “The most important thing is to get the tactics right and to make sure our players are fresh. “We feel we are up there with any team in the Asian Champions League and we will look to get the same result in our last group game.” Sydney FC’s next AFC Champions League encounter will be with Shanghai Shenhua at Allianz Stadium, next Tuesday (April 17) kicking off at 8pm. WIN WITH TWT Alberto Macchione of West Ryde, Irene James of Lane Cove and Anthony Horan of Ryde were the lucky double pass winners for Sydney FC’s three-nil demolition of Adelaide United on the weekend. The Weekly Times is giving three readers the chance to win a double pass for Sydney FC’s final match o the season against Melbourne Victory this Friday at Allianz Stadium, kicking off at 7.0pm. Ater the match, the Hyundai A-League Premiers Plate will be presented to Head Coach Graham Arnold’s record breaking squad for the second season in a row. To be in the running, go to TWT’s website - weeklytimes. - click on the ‘WIN STUFF’ tab on the top right hand corner and complete the online form. EMPLOYMENT Electrical Company in the Gladesville area seeks 1st or 2nd Year Apprentice Please email resume to

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