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The Weekly Times - TWT - April 11th, 2018

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W O 4 THE WEEKLY TIMES Wednesday 11 April, 2018 C o m m u n ity b a c k s m a l e b a r b e r Dear Sir, We read the article about the Hunters Hill’s barber who has been accused of discrimination for refusing to cut a girl’s hair. As your article stated, the barber was trained to cut ens hair is not ualied as a women’s hairdresser. It would seem that here is a case of bullying by a person who is utilising the law to their own advantage without consideration for a young man, with a wife and young child, trying to make a living with the skills he has learnt. Is the lawyer, Amy Carr, wanting to have her daughters to appear “neutral gender” or trying to have them look like boys. Is that the reason for taking such action? It strikes us that the daughters would more than likely have been horried at going to a men’s barber rather than a ualied hairdresser I hope the community will get behind this man and support his business. The attitude of Amy Carr is appalling and should be considered nothing short of being a bully. Something we should not tolerate. Look forward hearing that she apologises to the barber and hopefully compensate him for her dreadful behaviour. What a bad example to her children! DOUGLAS VINCENT Hunters Hill In d e f e n c e o f S a m R a him ! Dear Sir, I am appalled at the treatment of Mr Sam Rahim (TWT Wednesday 28 March). Have we lost all sense of value since the political correct left raised its ugly voice. From reading the article, “Hunters Hill barber hit with legal action for not cutting girl’s hair”, we see a typical case of an engineered event solely caused to gain notoriety by someone that obviously needs to improve their position. By his own lips Mr Rahim very graciously explained his limitations in not being trained ril 12 x 16 L E TTE R S to the E d ito r in women’s hairdressing and that should have been the end of the matter. But no, then followed demands including that for money. Isn’t this a form of extortion madam? This is not a case of refusal (and you can shove all your politically correct adjectives) but one of common sense which any normal person would respect. What next madam, coming after us because we don’t bow to the PC lefts rhetoric! Get a life. MICHAEL RHODES West Ryde D o n a tio n s f o r n e e d y l o c a l s Dear Sir, I work on the Food Relief Program for North Ryde Community Aid and feel very fortunate that we can help many local families and individuals who need assistance with food packages throughout the year. NRC is a not for prot organisation and as so we rely solel on the eorts of the local community that generously donate non-perishable food staples and toiletries. I fear that this Winter we will see many people coming through our doors needing assistance with food relief due to the rising cost of living pressures. I am reaching out to the community to ask for assistance with donations of nonperishable food items and toiletries. No donation is too small and we really do appreciate any help that can be oered We also see the appreciation and relief on our client’s faces when we can support them with a package that ensures their next meal. There is a food/toiletries donation box at IGA in Cox’s Road Mall or otherwise please contact Kate on 9888 3380 to organise a collection or drop o Many thanks to the Ryde Community! If we can all pull together no person need go hungry this Winter. KATE BRIGHT Community Coordinator, North Ryde Community Aid HU N TER’S HILL CO Hunters Hill 95th Combined ANZAC U N CIL Eve MemorialService 23 April 2018 Hunters Hill Town Hall 7.30pm LETTERS Welcome TWT welcomes letters from our readers. Full name, address and telephone number MUST be supplied, even if not for publication. Send to: TWT PO Box 123, Ryde 1680 or email: contactus@weekly F o r o r a g a in s t o v e r d e v e l o p m e n t? Dear Sir, as horrfied to read that the Labor Mayor has used his Labor Greens voting block to push through a 40 storey mega development on Talavera Road Macquarie Park. Jerome Laxale puts himself out there as some holierthan-thow anti-development crusader and yet he pushes through this monstrosity. With the way politics is nowadays, you never know who to trust. Local member Victor Dominello says he is against the Meadowbank over-development that the Labor Party approved originally - at least he is building a new school down there and creating a park. Don›t be a hypocrite Mr Mayor - people can see right through it. BERNIE EDWARDS North Ryde L ib e r a l s p l a n n in g s u b u r b a n s l u m s Dear Sir, Enough is enough. We need to stand up on the new controls being introduced by the Liberals. These new controls will destroy the amenity of a normal housing block in Suburbia that we have all aspired to, worked hard for and deserve to have that amenity maintained. We must lobby hard against these new controls. I wonder how many NSW residents are aware of what’s coming in July 2018. Most people have their heads buried in the sand and respond when it’s too late. The Aussie Backyard No More! The Aussie Backyard Being Destroyed by Liberals -The Aussie Backyard turned Into Medium Density Slums. To be honest I really think a lot of NSW residents will be up in arms over the push to squeeze more houses into what is already becoming a bad situation. Clr ROY MAGGIO Ryde S c r a p tr a m s with e l e c tr ic b u s e s Dear Sir, Carlingford dudded (again) The area around Carlingford shops was rezoned to allow units to be built on the expectation that the Epping- Parramatta rail link would be built. The units were built, but no train line. Transport to Epping is still by bus along the narrow, clogged Carlingford Road and parallel backstreets. Now the State government plans to truncate the Carlingford-Clyde rail line at Camellia and convert it to become part of Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) Stage 1. Carlingford will have no rail link to get to tratheld eople using this line mostly want to go to tratheld and the Cit in the morning. PLR Stage 1 does not connect to Parramatta Station and PLR Stage 2 does not go to tratheld The Carlingford-Clyde rail line goes via a level crossing over Parramatta Road, interrupting the trac ow on this aor road. The level crossing should be removed. They are currently removing a dozen level crossings in Melbourne. It can be done. The train line could be put over Parramatta Road and trains could shuttle more frequently between Carlingford and Clyde. So, scrap the Parramatta light rail. Use electric buses on existing roads to give a faster ore eible service. Use the money saved to replace the level crossing, iprove trac ow on arramatta Road and increase the frequency of the service on the Carlingford-Clyde line. ROBERT DOMONE Denistone M o r e f u n d s f o r p u b l ic l ib r a r ie s Dear Sir, NSW Labor believes that libraries are at the heart of our communities. They help promote lifelong learning, provide free access to information, and are “hubs” for people to meet and engage. Labor has had a long association with libraries in NSW. In 1943, as World War II raged, Labor Premier Bill McKell proclaied the nancial provisions at the opening of the new Public Library of New South Wales building to set up our State’s great library system. eventve ears later there are now 368 public libraries in NSW and 20 mobile libraries which provide library services for isolated and remote communities dotted across the State. Building on that ne tradition, last month, NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley announced that a State Labor Government will double State funding for our public libraries if elected in March 2019. This is because under the NSW Liberals and Nationals, there has been no real increase in ongoing funding for public libraries and these vital institutions have been neglected. It has remained at $1.85 per capita since 2011. n its rst ter N Labor will double this to $3.70 per capita. NSW Labor will ensure that this new per capita subsidy of $3.70 maintains its real value into the future by linking it to the Consumer Price Index. In addition, Labor will create a $25 million Public Library Infrastructure Fund for public libraries to upgrade their facilities or purchase new equipment. PETEER PRIMROSE MLC Peter Primrose MLC Shadow Minister for Local Government H u n te r s H il l G u e s t C o l u m n M a k in g tr a c k s d u r in g c hil d ho o a d v e n tu r e s a t B o r o n ia P a r k IMAGINE THIS: an eight year old boy who just moved to the Boronia Park area and teamed-up with a few mates to spend many of his weekends in the bush reserves throughout Hunters Hill. We were known as “Peter, Paul and …….” in recognition of the famous musicians of that era. There were many adventures at these times of my childhood, swinging from the ropes in the trees, swimming in the river and making tracks that are now part of the Great North Walk. THE MOST memorable time was when we hitch hiked to Valentia Street wharf and shed a few athead to hitch back to Boronia bush and with pan and matches in hand, we walked to our doubleended cave to climb down the steep tunnel, lighting the candles as we slid to the bottom and cooked-up our delicious meal at the water’s edge. We had a good time in visiting the caves, especially the cave at the “Hermit’s Camp” where we ate the fruits of the loquat tree. * * * THE BUSH of the Boronia Park area holds many secrets, from long time To The POINT with STEVEN BUCHERT past and not too long ago; of people who lived and shed on the banks of the Lane Cove River; those who just camped there and those who were in need of somewhere to live. Back in those days there was no recognition of the need to manage the bush. Toda have a dierent role, that being President of Friends of Boronia Park (FOBP) bush care group. Friends of Boronia Park is one of eleven bush care groups of Hunters Hill with members who are passionate about maintaining their piece of the bush so that each pocket remains a natural environment for future generations to enjoy. These days when we are doing bush care, I take note of the wonderful sounds and the marvellous sights that the bush shares with us. * * * EARLIER THIS year at the Australia Day ceremony, the bush care groups of Hunters Hill collectively received the Project of the Year award A G E W E L L , P L A N E A R L Y from Mayor, Councillor This award is recognition make-up the bush care groups within our communitymember the sights and sounds of this wonderful bush that we can all I don’t see my mates any longer, but perhaps the also reect on the IF YOU wish to join bush care or perhaps you would like to complete your own award scheme for Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh care manager will assist you in having your own By the way, the cave’s entrance is now covered by boards for the original Mark Bennett. of hard by the the dedicated work many and contributed people who Even though remember ing homework, I ever I do don’t do- re- share. old days of our bush adventuresjects, or school pro- Hill Council contact and Hunters our bush adventure. GNW footway. STEVEN BUCHERT is President of Friends of Boronia Park Group. Guild presentation to Moocooboolah District Scouts Camp Windeyer Baden-Powell Guild of NSW will present a cheque for $2,700 to Moocooboolah Scouts District Commissioner Cameron “Woody” Jessep to replace refrigerators at the scouts district campsite at Berowra at 3pm this Sunday at historic “Addington”. Cameron is also camp warden at Camp Windeyer at Crosslands on Berowra creek and “Addington” at 813-815 Victoria Road Ryde is the national headquarters of the St George’s Guilds of Australia. This Sunday is also Open Day at “Addington from 2pm to 4pm with afternoon teas served from Australia’s oldest kitchen and all are welcome. See “Addington” information on page 2. A G E D C A R E I N F O R M A T I O N A N D S E R V I C E S S E M I N A R D O N ’ T J U S T H O P E F O R T H E B E S T … . M A K E S U R E Y O U A R E W E L L I N F O R M E D J oin us for a free presentation about the changes to A ged care, and learn how to access help to live independently and age well. There will be time for q uestions and attendees can meet with some of our local service providers to find out more about the services they offer. ho shoul d atten d lder people Carers of O lder people A dult children and other family members of older people W : 1 8 A 2 0 1 8 T 1 0 0 1 2 W 2 2 A C F R S V P : B g 0 0 hen Wednesday pril ime: .0 am - noon here: Hunters Hill Town Hall, lexandra St, Hunters Hill ost: ree. Tea and coffee will be provided. ook in s essen tial . Call Hunter’s Hill Council on 98 79 94 This venue is wheelchair accessible, with accessible parking and amenities. It is also fitted with a hearing loop. If you have additional access req uirements, please contact Hunter’s Hill Council A ged and Disability Coordinator on 98 79 94 5 4 . Barry Smith GENERAL MANAGER

Wednesday 11 April, 2018 THE WEEKLY TIMES 5 Lawyer breaks silence in Barber dispute A LOCAL lawyer suing a Hunters Hill barber because he declined to cut her daughter’s hair, has broken her silence about the dispute amid increasing media interest in the legal stando, eposed eclusively by The Weekly Times last month. Sam Rahim of Hunters Hill Barber said lawyer, Amy Carr, entered his shop on a Saturday last August and requested he cut her daughters hair, but he declined, telling her “I’m not qualified to do ladies.. we only cut mens hair. When Ms Carr insisted a second time that he cut her daughter’s hair and he again politely declined and directed her to nearby hairdressers, she had said “this is ridiculous”, slamming the door as she stormed out o his shop. The founder of law firm Inside Eagles then publicly expressed her unhappiness on social media, accusing Mr Rahim of discrimination on the basis o se. Wow. Apparently chicks wearing an undercut (needing a trim) do not get served at Hunters Hill Barbershop because...wait or it... they are not boys,” Ms Carr said in a post on Hunters Hill Barber Facebook age. Insane. Hunters Hill Barbershop might light to look up the definition o se discrimination. Mr Rahim responded by rejecting the accusation through the Facebook account of his wie Ronda Rahim. “I have witnesses in my shop that were shocked by your behaviour for no reason when I explained to you nicely that we are barber shop and we only cut men’s hair,” he partly said in his reponse. A few more terse exchanges extended through to the following Monday, with Ms Carr then refraining from further public commentary. She took the matter further, through the Australian Human Rights Commission, who in turn advised Mr Rahim he was the subject of a complaint. Mr Rahim said heard nothing more, the new year came and he assumed the matter had been laid to rest, but in February, he received legal letters advising the dispute had moved to the Federal Circuit Court, which is expected to deal with the case within weeks. TWT Eclusive “It’s cost me a fortune he said. “But the community in Hunters Hill has been very supportive. Mr Rahim last month told The Weekly Times he had been forced to agree to an apology, including a public statement through newspaper advertisements, to settle the issue but Ms Carr had then refused to accept it. Community leaders, clients, back Sam Since the case was first revealed in this newspaper, Mr Rahim has received overwhelming support from clients and community leaders and social media commentary has come to his de- ence. According to the Commission’s website, a dispute will only be dealt with for determination by a court if its investigative and conciliation process fails to resolve a dispute and a complainant then elects to take further action within 60 days of its determination. Ms Carr broke her silence on the dispute this week following increased media interest - including a television news report - after the story was first aired in The Weekly Times’ March 28 edition. But her telephone number and email address has been removed rom her profile page on the Inside Eagles corporate website. “A claim has been brought against Hunters Hill Barber Shop in the Federal Circuit Court for an alleged breach of the Sex Discrimination Act,” Ms Carr said in a statement issued on Monday. “The basis of the claim is that the barber shop refused to simply run the clippers through my daughter’s undercut, because she was a girl. “I indicated to him that I did not need him to style, cut or trim the rest of her hair, which is DANCE Online entries close Thursday 26 April SENIORS(50+) Online entries close Wednesday 2 May INSTRUMENTAL Online entries close Saturday 28 April SPEECH & DRAMA Online entries close Tuesday 1 May RYDE EISTEDDFOD 2018 Competition 30TH ANNIVERSARY Saturday 14 July to Saturday 8 September styled in a bob’. Mr Rahim’s explanation was that he wished to keep his barber shop for boys and men only. Ms Carr accused Mr Rahim of incorrectly telling the media he had told her he was not ualified to cut women or girls’ hair” and at the time, had not said that. Matter before the court “The matter remains before the Court and it is inappropriate for me to provide any further comment at this point in for all ages and disciplines VOCAL Online entries close Friday 4 May time she said. “At no time did Mr Rahim offer an apology. In a still from the report trumpeted by Nine News as an ECLUSIE Mr Rahim is seen perusing The Weekly Times’ March 28 “exclusive”, through which Nine would have first become aware o the story. Nine said it did not name Ms Carr in its report to avoid identifying her daughter. The Weekly Times believes her public allegations against Mr Rahim through a Facebook account in her own name, ustified her being identified in our coverage. ONLINE INFORMATION AND ENTRY OR PHONE ENQUIRIES: Call Gabrielle O’Donnell on 9817 2019 or Suzanne Maslen on 9874 2809 A still image taken from Nine News’ report complete with an “EXCLUSIVE” graphic, in which barber Sam Rahim peruses radio training course RADIO TRAINING COURSE 8 weeks of lectures and panel training with industry professionals. Next Next course commences Tuesday 14th 1st May April 2018 2015 ENROL NOW Phone 9816 2988 for more info application forms on website 9816 2988 the genuine “EXCLU- SIVE” report about his legal difficulties from The Weekly Times’ March 28 edition. 9816 2988 E U R O P E A N Womenswear C L E A R A N C E PRICES FROM $20 AVERAGE PRICES $70-80 40 + Racks of Exquisite Fashion NEXT GEN HEALTH CLUB RYDE AQUATIC CENTRE 504 Victoria Rd. 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