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Top Aftercare Tips For Hair Transplant

Top Aftercare Tips For Hair

Top Aftercare Tips For Hair Transplant So, you had a hair transplant to remove your baldness, now what’s next? The hair transplant surgeon will give a list of precautions and after care steps which you have to follow to ensure a quick recovery and desirable results from hair transplant. Here are some instructions which you need to follow after hair transplant. Have a look. 1. Bring a family member or a friend who could drive you back to your home safely. This should be done because you will be under the influence of medicines and sedatives given before surgery. The effects of such heavy medications remain for a few hours, therefore it will be dangerous to drive back home on your home. 2. If you had a micro graft treatment then a compression bandage will be wrapped on your head. This should be kept clean and remain in place for a day. Many procedures don’t use a bandage, but all types of surgeries involve stitches. Some of these stitches are dissolvable and for others you have to visit the clinic after a few months to get them removed. 3. After surgery, use a couple of pillows to elevate your head and sleep in a semi-upright position for at least 3 to 4 days. Avoid touching or picking the newly grafted areas. Resist the temptation of touching the newly operated skin, no matter how itchy or sore it becomes. Pick or rubbing the newly grafted areas will make them fall even before they get a chance to grow into new hair.

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