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Thaumatin Market


REPORT DESCRIPTION Thaumatin Market:Overview Thaumatin is a low calorie sweetener derived from Katemfe fruit, also called 'the miraculous fruit of Sudan'. These are extensively cultivated in the rainforests of West Africa. The fruit is made up of 1 to 3 black seeds surrounded by a gel, and enclosed within a membranous sac known as the aril, which contains the sweetener. Thaumatin is an odorless, water soluble protein which possesses high heat stability. The two main forms of protein present in the Katemfe plant are Thaumatin I and Thaumatin II. Though Thaumatin is 2000 times sweeter than sucrose, it is mainly used as a flavor enhancer rather than a sweetener and it does not contribute to major calories in the diet. Thaumatin is now being used in baked and savory foods, desserts, fruit juices, milk powder, soft drinks, chewing gums, and coffee products. It is generally mixed with other natural sweeteners such as Stevia in order to reduce its bitterness. Due to its licorice­like taste with delayed onset, other artificial sweeteners are preferred over Thaumatin. In the U.S., Thaumatin possesses GRAS status—it does not have approval as a sweetener but widely used as a flavor enhancer. European Food Safety Authority has approved Thaumatin as a sweetener. © Coherent market Insights. All Rights Reserved

REPORT DESCRIPTION Thaumatin Market:Outlook ● Owing to growing demand for natural flavored food products and beverages, North America held the highest share by volume in global thaumatin market in 2016. In the U.S., thaumatin is widely accepted as a natural flavoring agent in Coffee drinks, refreshing drinks, yoghurts, chewing­gum, jams, and jellies, which is expected to fuel market growth. ● Europe held second­largest share in global thaumatin market due to wide acceptance of thaumatin as a sweetener by European Federation. The favorable regulations and rising consumer awareness regarding ingredients used in the processing of food products is expected to drive market demand. In addition to this, technological advancements also stands to be one of the key factors contributing to market growth. For instance, the development of low cost thaumatin by Unilever by the process of inserting thaumatin producing genes into bacteria. ● Africa is a matured market for thaumatin, as thaumatin fruits are widely harvested in western Africa region and mainly used to sweeten food products. Some of the key markets in the region are Ghana and Nigeria. Request a sample copy of this report:­sample/1454 © Coherent market Insights. All Rights Reserved

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