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Silicon Photonics Market – Business and Innovation Trends 2017-2024

Request for TOC report @ The segmentation of the silicon photonics market by component comprises photodetectors, modulators, and lasers. The market for laser components is projected to grow at a high rate owing to their applications in data centers and telecommunications. The use of lasers in silicon photonics ensures high optical power, wide operating temperature range, and spectral purity. Increasing focus of companies, such as Intel on hybrid silicon lasers, on the development of such technologies is anticipated to boost the laser silicon photonics market.

Silicon Photonics Market – Business and Innovation Trends

Silicon Photonics Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2017-2024: Global Market Insights Inc. Silicon photonics market players are required to develop their own computer-aided design or computer-aided engineering software to develop these components, which escalates the initial manufacturing costs. Thermal effect issues that hamper the performance of devices coupled with high initial costs are further hampering the industry growth. The availability of substitute technologies such as Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) that increases the data speed and improves the efficiency is anticipated to hamper silicon photonics market growth. Furthermore, VCSEL is available at a low cost, which makes it a preferred alternative for companies that have severe budgetary constraints, primarily SMEs. The thermal dissipation within the material makes silicon photonics ineffective for lasing applications. Silicon Photonics Market size is expected to grow at a fast rate owing to the advantages offered to the users such as lower power consumption and reduced overall costs. These components allow devices to work at higher temperatures and enable efficient electrical to optical conversion, thereby reducing the need for cooling. This is a major factor anticipated to boost the silicon photonics market growth over the forecast timespan. The industry is gaining impetus as it enables optical devices to be manufactured at low costs using semiconductor fabrication procedures that are integrated with electronic chips. The small size, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to facilitate high-speed data transfer with the use of tiny optical components are projected to propel the silicon photonics market growth over the coming years. Increasing adoption in data centers is a major factor anticipated to drive the silicon photonics market. High integration capabilities coupled with a high density of interconnects are escalating their demand in data centers. These components enable the chips to use light pulses instead of electrical signals to transfer data, enhancing the processing speeds and cloud computing performance. There is a substantial increase in the number of SMEs across the world facilitated by government support initiatives such as Made in China 2025 and Make in India, fueling the demand for sophisticated data storage requirements. Various organizations in emerging economies are investing in enhancing the data centers, which is aiding the silicon photonics market to gain traction during the forecast timeframe. Rapid industrialization in emerging countries owing to the availability of low-cost resources, such as labor and raw materials, is leading to the strong growth in the number of businesses in emerging economies. This is placing a high focus on silicon photonics market players developing data centers with enhanced features to satisfy the increasing data requirements. Additionally, there is an increasing need for 1 | P a g e

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