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THE FABULOUS HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF SAINT STANISLAS WHY IT IS TIME TO MAKE FRIENDS IN MONACO AND THE CÔTE D’AZUR BETWEEN TRADITION AND MODERNITY To bring Chivalry of the Order St Stanislas to the French Riviera, an Investiture ceremony was organized by the Grand Prior of Germany, Baron Thaddäus von Lison and his son Daniel in close cooperation with Mr. Wenanty Bronk-Marwicz. The Côte d’Azur, often known in English as the French Riviera, is the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France which also includes the tiny and wealthy state of Monaco. It is the second smallest country in the world with a total area of only 2 square kilometres! Monaco is a constitutional principality ruled by a descendant of the Grimaldi family, one of the oldest ruling houses in Europe. Native people in Monaco are addressed as being a ‘Monegasque’. Well-known for car races, yachts, the famous casino and the most luxurious hotels in the world, Monaco was a meeting point for Knights and Ladies of the Order of Saint Stanislas from all over the world! It couldn’t have been better organised and set in focus with life between tradition and modernity with regard to the present and the future. WHAT CAN BE EXPECTED BY INTRODUCING KNIGHTHOOD AT THIS EXTRAORDINARY PLACE IN EUROPE? The chivalric Order of Saint Stanislas worships the Motto PRAEMIANDO INCITAT, meaning “to be inspired by reward”. As a character, the ancient Bishop Saint Stanislas has been intriguing and inspiring. He surprised with skills and decisions that he made in his life. Saint Stanislas stands for an engagement of helping the poor and unfortunate, to bring some happiness to others. THE LEADING HEADS IN THE ORDER OF ST. STANISLAS Behind the scenes of the Grand Priory of the Order of St. Stanislas in Germany, Baron Thaddäus von Lison, together with his son Daniel von Lison are involved in many activities in various spheres of life! In particular, it lends help to invalid children and, of course, to others who need help. The authentic chivalrous Order of St. Stanislas has operated as an international secular organization for humanitarian services for over thirty years now, reviving and keeping up a modern form of knightly spirit. The aims of the Order are to contribute to bring greater understanding between nations through the acceptance to the Order of 182 Grand Prior of Côte d’Azur Chevalier Wenanty Bronk-Marwicz with Chevalier Daniel Baron v. Lison Chevalier Daniel Baron v. Lison, Chevalier Krzysztof Leszek Porowski, Dame Ilona Kanclerz, Grand Prior of Côte d’Azur Chevalier Wenanty Bronk-Marwicz, Chevalier Paul Misar

Grand Prior of Germany Baron Thaddäus v. Lison, Dame Barbara Dietrich, Chevalier Freddy Smet representatives of all nations, all creeds and religions, to uphold the spirit of chivalry in the world and to provide a charitable help service to humanity. More than 4.000 personalities from over 30 countries have been decorated with this distinction, which is a proof of approval of spirit of the generosity to support a multitude of charities. To expand its mission, the Order now focuses on the Côte d’Azur and Monaco together with leading local Chevalier Wenanty Bronk-Marwicz as a perfect international meeting point for Knights and Ladies from all over the world. THE ELITE CLUB CHIVALRY AND HIGH LEVEL NETWORKING personal development. The mission of the Elite Club of the Order of St. Stanislas is to provide access to philanthropic channels for unique and captivating individuals with an elevated lifestyle, a social circle focused on living and giving the most they can afford, every day. The membership in the Elite Club is strictly limited. People who join the ELITE CLUB receive a special exclusive design of the badge which is quite different to the classic badge of St. Stanislas. The five-pointed star has a red cross in the middle with the letters “EC” on the top of a crown. This exclusive badge was patented by the Grand Priory in Germany. MUSIC FOR A BETTER LIFE — PARAMUSIX The ELITE CLUB OStS is an association of noble minded persons who contribute with their selfless work in different spheres of activity to the strengthening of mutual understanding. The member of the ELITE CLUB is a person with a dignified heart and excellent moral principles, selfless spirit, in other words: for honourable knightly virtues. The ELITE CLUB is a forum for like-minded individuals where everyone can meet and practice to achieve common goals. Having access to certain contacts or social circles can be challenging. Elite Club takes a proactive approach in connecting in all varieties of business and One of the successful charity projects is PARAMUSIX founded in 2010 by Baron Daniel von Lison, a fantastic pianist and Chevalier of the Order St. Stanislas along with the composer and music producer Lothar Geissler. Excellent economic, political and cultural connections enable them to efficiently implement projects on a wide European scale. PARAMUSIX has made its main mission to support disabled and underprivileged people in a comprehensive way, as well as financial support for counselling therapy. What a fantastic cultural pleasure with charitable cause! 183