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DECENTRALIZED DAVOS AND DECENTRALISTS TRANSFORM DAVOS INTO A DECENTRALIZED EVENT “Upper classes can’t, lower classes don’t want to. Only when the ’lower classes’ do not want to live in the old way and when the ’upper classes’ cannot carry on in the old way – only then can revolution triumph.” V.I. Lenin A 100 years ago, there was a Revolution throughout the World/in Europe/in Russia. Or as modern innovators would say: there was a Transformation; a change of a regime, management and consciousness. A 100 years ago, revolutionaries of that time met in apartments and at special events in Switzerland, where they discussed a new Life in new forms of its manifestation. Their eyes sparkled, and those sparks could burst to flames. The things they were uncomfortable with were inequality, complete political lawlessness, police and legal mayhem. At the same time of the traditional annual meeting of the upper classes, in those years, other young people gathered, very similar to those pioneers. The upper classes cannot carry on in the old way. Problems are everywhere and there are no solutions. A year ago there was a postulate that Capitalism was dead and technology would save all and everyone. This year they say that in general everything is bad and that technology will save no one. Technology is evil, while gender equality and humanism are the world’s bases. They wanted issues and problems to be solved collectively, by everyone, by agreement, and for everyone to be involved in a new society of equality that would allow even “a lady-cook to administer the affairs of the state (states)”. As today’s MVP starters would say, they conducted pre-ICO, a kind of PCO of that time (Private Coin Offering). In order to make everything work as it should, they needed one more thing: the appropriate technological solutions. Like all pioneers, the first movers had to die for the glory of future generations (who are often the second movers). After all, the results have been achieved by those who follow the pioneers’ traces, walk over their bodies, learn from mistakes and have the latest technology in their hands. Google was not the first search engine and iTunes was not the first online music store. That is the pioneers’ fate. 64 100 years on. The same Switzerland. Davos. Alexander Shulgin with Joe Lubin (Co-founder of Etherium and ConsenSys)

Alexander Shulgin with Chinese crypto moguls at the Crypto Chappel in Davos “It is not enough for a successful revolution that the lower classes do not want to live as before. Another requirement is that upper classes cannot manage and run things as they did before.” On day one of Davos, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi listed his three most significant challenges to civilization, as we know it: climate change, terrorism and the backlash against globalization. He also spoke about the opportunities and dangers of technology: “Many societies and countries are becoming more and more focused on themselves. It feels like the opposite of globalization is happening. Everyone is talking about an interconnected world, but we will have to accept the fact that globalization is slowly losing its lustre.” (Narendra Modi PM India) Now look at what technology leaders, who grew up in their place and are semi-pioneers in part, answer to politicians: “We are very lucky because the world is in a big transformation because of technology. New technology will create interesting careers and a lot of successful people, but at the same time every new technology will create social problems.” “Artificial intelligence is seen as a threat to human beings. I think AI should support human beings. Technology should always do something that enables people and not disable them. The computer will always be smarter than you are; they never forget and they never get angry. But computers can never be as wise as humans. The AI and robots are going to make a lot of jobs obsolete, because in the future they will be done by machines. Service industries offer hope in this regard but they must be unique.” “If we do not align together, human beings are going to fight each other, because each technology revolution makes the world unbalanced.” (Jack Ma, Alibaba) 65