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The holidays are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up in the best light. Whether you spend with your family, with your sweetheart or with friends, enjoy parties to get out your best clothes, Best hair salon Miami put on your most beautiful jewelry and make up like a real princess.

What Is a Hair Mask?

What Is a Hair Mask? Hair masks are concentrated and nourishing treatments for your hair, usually containing oils, butters and other proteins to hydrate and nourishing your hair. Since hair masks are meant to saturate and sink into your hair for a longer period of time than shampoo and conditioner, there are more visible and dramatic results after each use.

How to Use a Hair Mask About once a week leave a mask put a mask on your hair after you shampoo and let it work its magic. Follow that with a quick rinse, skip conditioner and style your hair as desired. Our commitment to quality and satisfaction: The deepest will of Esthesio clinic is focused on the complete satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this, we provide each customer with a quality service, perfectly adapted to the objectives sought. “We believe that our developments must adapt to your needs and not the other way around.” Our environmental commitment: Let’s stay and stay green! Our policy is articulated around four main pillars: • Reducing our environmental impact • Adopt the “Green Attitude” • Anticipate future issues • Evaluate our environmental performance

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